Elon Musk Requests Taylor Swift For Posting Her Music On 'Zombie' Twitter
(Elon Musk Requests Taylor Swift For Posting Her Music On 'Zombie' Twitter/Image Credits:inkl)

Desperately seeking solutions to save X, formerly known as Twitter, amidst a string of debates and disastrous business choices, Elon Musk sought help on Wednesday from a more famous star, Taylor Swift. 

Swifties are recently surviving in heated anticipation of Taylor's 1989 edition, the next on the singer's series over the re-recorded albums that drop on October 27, the ninth centenary of the original release. Taylor Swift bothered the release dramatically by inviting fans to crack puzzles for disclosing the titles of vault tracks that were seen on the record. 

On Tuesday, she shared them on social media, along with the back cover images. She expressed her excitement, writing on X, which produced a noticeably desperate response from the platform's troubled owner. 

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Musk tweeted the sole reason why Taylor Swift has become the most popular musician on the planet. He said, 'I suggest on sharing some concert videos or music directly on the ‘X’ platform'.

Taylor Swift Has No Need To Carry Out Further Promotions 

Elon Musk Requests Taylor Swift For Posting Her Music On 'Zombie' Twitter
(Taylor Swift Has No Need To Carry Out Further Promotions/Image Credits:Music Times)

Amidst the concert sales and astronomical album gaining dominance and the general icon status, Taylor Swiftfeels no requirement for further promotion, least on a website that has been sent to the advertisers while fleeing the billionaire who brought it preoccupied with losing the 'woke mind virus'. 

However, suppose Taylor Swift releases new songs or videos. In that case, it will surely get people talking about X. This boost in attention, even if it's just temporary, is something Elon Musk hopes to gain by using her popularity. However, Taylor's music plans were likely already set in motion long before Musk thought of this idea. 

In any case, Elon Muskought to perhaps better than to assume his suggestion that anything more important than a Hail Mary, the National Music Publishers Association and its associates charged 'X' in June to overstep copyright over 1700 songs. 

The NMPA president of David Israelite said that 'Twitter stays as the biggest social media platform that has rejected on licensing the millions of songs on its streaming service'. The legal drama preludes the acquisition ofElon Musk,that 'Twitter is the past social media giant with no music licensing contract'. 

Now, 'X' has filed the lawsuit to be dismissed. For more updates, keep engaged with our site at Dailypopmix.com and explore the world.