Eva Mendes Timeless Beauty Secrets - A Hollywood Age-Defier!
(Eva Mendes Timeless Beauty Secrets - A Hollywood Age-Defier! /Image Credits: Coconut For Life)

Eva Mendes has graced our screens with five star performances for years, but what has captured the attention of many fans all over the world, is her lack of physical change.When I mean physical change, I’m talking about her agelessness. Some people have even gone as far to tag her the queen of time stop as the Cuban beauty has the power to stop time.Well, not literally. But one scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll see her fans are convinced the 49-year-old Hollywood star doesn’t age.

One of her fans during an interview with the star asked the big question on all of our minds. You still look the same today, the fan pointed out in a photo she posted from 15 years ago. So what’s her secret?

In response to this, Mendes gave the same old same old answer hard work and lots of water. Shocking right? But according to the actress this is her one true secret to a lasting beauty.Although in 2020 she admitted that she once left her work out routine saying I am trying to workout again because when I get into a rhythm I feel better for a host of reasons, the mother-of-two told news.com.auBut once I drop off of it, which I have, it’s so much harder to get that motivation to do it again.

Mendes, made this known while she  was speaking from LA in her role as the 2020 McHappy Day ambassador. She also added that she is not the train every day type, instead aiming to workout three times a week for up to two hours.

I actually really enjoy weights and I do think after a certain age – and every woman is different – but for me, weight training has become very, very important, she said.Before it was, ah, I’ll do some light weights and cardio but now it’s all about maintaining that muscle mass which is so important to me right now – and I’ll begrudgingly do cardio.Another secret the actress has revealed over the years is the use of supplements. According to her, when it comes to her inner health the one thing she never leaves the house without taking is her omega supplements.

Eva Mendes Timeless Beauty Secrets - A Hollywood Age-Defier!
(Eva Mendes Timeless Beauty Secrets - A Hollywood Age-Defier! /Image Credits: Notícias ao Minuto)

I take a lot of supplements. Yes, I am that person, Mendes laughs. I never skip my omegas, that’s my number one.When it comes to her skin, she said the trick is the old favourite – drink plenty of water.Water and hydration, and you can really tell; my skin, my lips are thankful when I am properly hydrated, she said.

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Mendes has also made it obvious that she indulges in regular facials. This is very important, because as much as you might be able to take care of your skin, having a professional do it for you just makes everything a whole lot better.Mendes calls her facials appointment her go-to is PRP, better known as the vampire facial made famous by Kim Kardashian.The gory-looking treatment uses your own blood’s platelets and plasma on your face to help stimulate collagen growth. I am a bit adventurous with my treatments and I’ll try different things, Mendes said.

Lastly, Mendes revealed she tries to apply only minimal makeup on her face daily and most days will only take about five minutes to apply all her makeup. According to the long time actress her minimal makeup routine involves applying a tinted moisturizer and then she dabs on some pink cheek stain. She also includes a bit of lip liner, eyeliner, and balm. 

She also adds a bit of concealer to cover the dark circles which she claims to have but are rarely obvious in pictures. This minimal makeup routine keeps your face fresh with little or no reactions from all the heavy stuffs you need to apply for a full blown makeUp.

This however, does not mean you should not use makeup, in fact Mendes stated that when she's going out to dinner or an event, she will take about 45 minutes to get ready. But it’s always healthy to give your skin time to replenish itself by not wearing makeup.

Mendes famous for her role in Training Day and Hitch has continued to look beautiful and not a day over 20. She is also a very good mother who tries to find a bit of me time by engaging in various self-care because according to her family always comes first.

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