Monica Bellucci: A Look Inside Her Private Life
(Monica Bellucci: A Look Inside Her Private Life/Image Credits: The Telegraph)

The Italian, Monica Bellucci is a great actress, model and whatnot. She has worked on some of the most hyped projects in the industry as Matrix, Marlena, Cleopatra, Asterix, and Obelix. She tied the knot with Vincent Cassel. She so far has portrayed her love life in a great manner. She is a mother of two daughters named Deva and Leonie. In 1988, she stepped into the world of modelling and continued it for a long time. She was just 25 when she began her career in modelling. Her modelling career was quite fascinating and her beauty and confidence made her appear on every front cover of several magazines. She became the face of many brands. Her acting and modelling made her win several awards and certifications and gave her prominent recognition as well. 

The best part about Bellucci is that she wasn’t only subjected to herself or her career but actively took part in supporting donations for several projects. Bellucci has a net worth currently equal to $45 Million. She has worked in a mix of high to low-budgeted movies. Monica besides being very active socially, is a top model and works for Charity too, she never skips the gym because she believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There is no lie in the fact that her timeless beauty, psyche, acting skills, and elegance have created a massive impact on her personality. She is a rising star and is constantly winning awards since she stepped into the industry. She is very ascertained about her health, her skincare, and her beauty. She believes to keep on working on ourselves so that the beauty that’s given to us doesn’t fade away. If we talk about her love life, she got married to Vincent Cassel but sadly that marriage couldn’t work in their favour and it ended in 2013. Just when their married life ended, it was in the news that Monica was in a relationship with Nicolas Lefebvre but later on that also seemed to have faded. Now in the recent news, it has been in the air that she is currently dating Tim Burton who is a famous filmmaker. This relationship of hers officially came into notice when her married life ended after 14 years. She has a strong verdict about Tim and says that she respects him a lot. 
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Monica Bellucci: A Look Inside Her Private Life
(Monica Bellucci: A Look Inside Her Private Life/Image Credits: Time)

There is no lie to the fact that Monica is a great actress, a queen on the screen and her devotion to the work is an absolute charm to have her around. Her undying beauty, flawless talent, and personality have made her reach heights and she is indeed a great actress. All the years when she has devotedly worked in the industry, she’s been magical and has always remained on the top.
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