George Clooney's Most Touching Acts of Kindness That'll Melt Your Heart
(George Clooney's Most Touching Acts of Kindness That'll Melt Your Heart/Image Credits: HELLO! Magazine)

Hollywood icon George Clooney is a busy man. But one piece of news shook up his calendar and checked someone’s bucket list.

When he’s not making movies, Clooney is usually at his London residence spending time with his wife Amal, and their twin children, Alexandra and Ella. As per Yahoo, he said it’s a picture-perfect home. 

There’s a great old pub and there’s a great restaurant, The French Horn, there, and it’s a really beautiful, fun place to be. I’m really excited, he said.

One day while at home, he received a letter that was the motivation for the star to stop, put on his Sunday best, and head out the door. While he wasn’t traveling far, it was for a high-profile visit.

The Ocean’s star was headed to the nearby Sonning Sunrise Retirement and Assisted Living Facility. The reason was to visit none other than 87-year-old resident Pat Adams.

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Surprise to an 87-year-old woman by Clooney

George Clooney's Most Touching Acts of Kindness That'll Melt Your Heart
(Surprise to an 87-year-old woman by Clooney/Image Credits: Goalcast)

The lady who is above loves George Clooney and mentions every day how she would love to meet him, especially as he lives so near to where I work, a worker at the facility posted on their Facebook page.

As her birthday neared, Adams wrote to Clooney saying how nice it would be to meet him, especially since they both lived in Sonning. Others from her residence sent letters too, saying how it would be her dream come true.

Adams wasn’t the only one awestruck by Clooney’s surprise visit as the staffers were also giddy with glee.

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Heartwarming moments of them together lit up their lives

George Clooney's Most Touching Acts of Kindness That'll Melt Your Heart
(Heartwarming moments of them together lit up their lives/Image Credits: Metro)

To everyone’s shock, Clooney paid the birthday girl a surprise visit, and he had gifts in hand. Along with flowers, he gave Adams a sweet card. Pat! I thought you’d just like some flowers with love, it read. He also took a picture with the lucky lady.

A dreamy Adams was through the moon.

He was very nice and he shook my hand and put his arm around my shoulder. I thought ‘Call again George!'” she recalled.

I answered the door, lucky I hadn’t diverted calls on the December phone, as someone else could have answered it!!!! said one. You can bet that everyone at Sunrise is hoping for a sequel.

While it seems small, Clooney’s visit made a huge impact.

According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), loneliness is linked to a higher risk of everything from high blood pressure to depression and even death. That puts seniors, who have either lost a spouse or are at an assisted living home, especially vulnerable.

This moment is just one of Clooney’s many acts of giving back. He somehow finds time to be active in over 30 charities, from fighting hunger to stopping genocide. It’s always nice to see a celebrity pay their good fortunes forward for humankind.

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