Joey Fatone Hopes For Justin Timberlake To Rejoin ‘Nsync’ After The ‘justified’ Tour
( Joey Fatone Hopes For Justin Timberlake To Rejoin ‘NSYNC/ImageCredits:People)

Joey Fatone couldn’t expect to say, ‘Bye, Bye’ to the NSYNC when he passed away. The 46-year-old, television/singer personality spoke up about Yahoo Entertainment during an interview that was circulated on Tuesday over the decision of his NSYNC bandmate, Justin Timberlake to go solo with their eventual split. 

Fatone confirmed that though he was not ‘blindsided’ through the band’s hiatus, he was referred to the side of 42-year-old, Timberlake who was occupied through his career. He told the outlet, ‘I wasn’t blindsided through the split-up. I was more blindsided as long as he reached out with music and didn’t recognize that he would go to do a real tour/album thing. 

He mentioned, ‘It was above that I will do some music and then, we will return together. That was what happened. The singer shared that he along with his bandmates thought NSNYC would resume like normal after the ‘SexyBack’ actor back from his ‘Justified Tour’ that lasted from May 2003 up to June 2004 and followed the issue of his debut solo effort with the same name.

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The ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Runner-up, Fatone, Clarified His Bandmate’s Choice

The ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Runner-up, Fatone, Clarified His Bandmate’s Choice
( The ‘Dancing with the Stars’ runner-up, Fatone, Clarified His Bandmate’s Choice/ImageCredits: Variety)

Joey Fatone said, ‘We thought of going to go out and came back once the Justified Tour released out. I was like, Okay. But he went through the tour and after that, things began going forward’. The runner-up of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, Fatone clarified that he knows now that the changes made in the pop band went through were not only his bandmate’s choice. 

He explained, ‘It was not him, but the record company. If it was him, then I had to understand it before. When you grow younger, you assume that it is that person. But then you discover the bigger things and you go on, ‘Oh, that is why I was not there for this issue. That is the business. It’s okay, I get it.

Fatone said to the sources that the band’s gap may end up being positive so, he could do ‘own thing’, including Broadway and TV. He said, ‘That is the beautiful section about it. My life and my career approached me towards anywhere else and I am happy and I am good with it.

Nsnyc Reunited With The First Song Over 20 Years By Last Friday

Nsnyc Reunited With The First Song Over 20 Years By Last Friday
( NSNYC Reunited With The First Song Over 20 Years By Last Friday/ImageCredits:The Today Show)

The NSNYC band reunited through the first song more than 20 years by last Friday. Once it was teased for many weeks, the 90s icons circulated an original single for the soundtrack ‘Trolls Band Together’ in the ‘Better Place’. 

All the five members are involved in the beloved group. These participants are Chris Kirkpatrick, Fatone, Lance Bass, Timberlake and JC Chasez who appeared over the song that reflected an infectious wreck to call back for their early boy band sound and has a modern disco-pop beat. 

The ‘‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’ band has united again in the past, connecting with each other during their ‘Hollywood Walk of the Fame Ceremony in 2018’ and teamed up with the decency of Timberlake’s video on Vanguard award at 2013 VMAs MTV, ‘Better Place’ was the initial time the band dropped for new music in eras. 

This year, the group of five came together once again at the VMAs in September, surprising fans by making a joint appearance on stage to present the award for best pop video. Since then, they've posted several lighthearted messages on social media, rejoicing in their reunion.

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