Youngest Of All Yet Most Talented

Youngest of all yet most talented
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John is the youngest born to his family and was the sixth one to his siblings. The parents were in such different occupations: father a semiprofessional footballer and mother trying his luck in the mediums of singing and acting. All the kids of this family were really inspired with the art their mother was performing and had followed the same path. Though the struggle was paying to each one of them, John has got a different instinct and skill which did wonders for him.

Long Way To Be Recognized

Though the sail towards success was not that smooth and a lot of rough tides were to be tackled to touch the horizons of fame and applause. It was 1970 when he managed to stand out in the lot. 'Welcome Back, Kotter' was the sitcom aired on television which brought John in the limelight and the creators and makers noticed the artistic skills of this young guy. 1976 was the year when he got a breakthrough into the big screen and the spectators witnessed the display of sheer talent and passion for acting. He was much appreciated for his performances.

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Clear Priorities

Clear priorities
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John being the youngest kid at home was not given much attention by the parents as they already had so much stuff to handle: be it the financial challenges or the number of kids. The child was very clear with the situation and the goals in his life. He at a very early age decided between academics and career. He needs to grow up with a strong career rather than high academics. The urge for fame and money has been the key factors in making this decision. Not at that point of time but later it definitely came up as a right decision.

Roller Coaster Ride

The life of the star was in a real sense a roller coaster ride. He was determined and very aware of his strengths so he managed to overcome all the odds thrown towards him at different times in his career. John has dived in this huge ocean of talent to prove himself and pick up his chunk of recognition so he has equipped himself with all the traits of motivation, consistency, hard work and confidence to embrace his goals. The ups and downs in the path to acknowledgement were taken head on and tackled with the strong will power to come out winning.

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His Life And The Tragedies

His Life and the tragedies
(His Life and the tragedies/ Image Credits: People, Page Six )

John has been in multiple relationships while building his career. The struggle was not only seen in his career building but it was the noticeable one while creating the magic in relationships. Diana, Catherine, Marilu and a couple of others tried their luck with this actor acquiring the vibrant personality but unfortunately none of these could carry a long lasting bond. Before settling with Kelly Preston John has gone through tough experiences but they all ended up with the good news of John tying the knot with Kelly in 1991. The couple resided in Florida bringing in three kids in this world with love and affection. This happy phase ended soon and John was hit hard by tragedies in life.

In 2009 his eldest son Jett died during a vacation due to a seizure. This was a sudden and a very unfortunate incident. This took John as a shock and the mourning over the death of the son was for a very long period. This was not an end he has yet to take another heartbreaking news regarding the departure of her wife from this world. She fought well against the breast cancer disease but in the end the fatal disease won. These sorrows have always haunted John.

Extravagant Lifestyle

John opted for his acting career in comparison to academics. The intention behind was his hunger for fame and beefing his financial muscle. The goal was achieved and he had a rush of revenues coming into his accounts. He is in a position to get whatever he desires for. The lifestyle has changed extraordinarily. And the tragic incidents in his life pushed him to spend more to overcome that feeling of loss. The extravagant spending is seen in his house he resides, the wardrobe he maintains and the accessories he carries along. This is more of an escape rather than an urge.