John Legend’s Surprise Meeting With Doppelgänger On ‘The Voice’
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If you turned on ‘The Voice’ and saw someone singing a Sam Smith song and thought it was John Legend, you're not alone! But don't worry, it's not actually John Legend. It's a guy named Talakai from Sacramento, who's 34 years old. They just happen to look very similar.

The intro package of Talakai covers a lot from the ground, including his distressing childhood in the foster system and how the mother of a friend can save him from adoption. However, he has not let the dark times define him so, he has a positive insight into the music and life, and clearly happy to spend a good time chatting on those comparisons of John Legends. 

It feels like a kismet and it is John who highlights his button on the Talakai at first and before Talakai hits the chorus, it is no less. Might be it is a tricky edition and you can discover their face turns John into a big smile when he gets an insight at the guy on stage.

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Before Niall Horan and Gwen Stefani, pressed their buttons throughout this audition and turned into a pitching again, John warned them to wait till you see his face. Talakai may not be the ‘long-lost’ twin of John, though he ultimately appears like he is a dominant part of the family and everybody can discover it.

Watch ‘The Voice’ Show On Mondays And Tuesdays At 8 p.m. On NBC
(Watch ‘The Voice’ Show On Mondays And Tuesdays At 8 p.m. On NBC/Image Credits:MEAWW)

In fact, Reba McEntire who winds up to press her button for Talakai will love to include him in her team. She knows that the fight can be futile and mentions, ‘I know that I do not have an opportunity against John’. Though, Talakai admitted that people in the school days were habitual to singing ‘Ordinary People’ when he walked down to the halfway, their surprising resemblances is not that John turned his chair and said, ‘This is ‘The Voice’, after all’. 

Rather than John liking Talakai to identify little infusion on the connection and storytelling, Talakai will be ‘incontestable to everyone’. There’s no surprise that Talakai will end up in Team Legend and it was inevitable to be. The look-a-likes cover the partnership through a selfie to show off for John. 

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Now, we can glance at seeing Talakai and John together in a room by making several doppelgänger jokes. John looks forward to working with one of the most handsome men he has ever seen. You can watch ‘The Voice’ streamlines on Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Reach Dailypopmix.Com and read more insights worldwide.