Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook
(Kelly Brook/Image Credits: Koimoi)

Kelly Brook is not just a media figure but also a famous model and actress. She won a beauty competition and started her career as a model when she was just 16 years old. When she turned 18 years old, she got into the world of hosting. She hosted multiple shows, including Celebrity Love Island. Later in the 2000s, she started acting as well and acted in many movies, including Ripper, The Italian Job, Survival Island, etc. In 2005, Kelly was named number one on the list of ‘FHM 100 Hottest Women in the World’. She has been part of this list since 1998. This is not it. Kelly Brook is also a radio host, an author, and a fashion designer. Apart from being all fancy, Kelly is a philanthropist at heart and does a lot of charity and social work. 

And one of the best things about Kelly is her mansion, where she does gardening. She even grows her own vegetables in the huge garden! 

So, let’s take a walk to Kelly Brook’s celebrity mansion, where she spends her time when she is not working.

Kelly Brook’s Dreamy And Stunning Mansion

When Did She Bought It, And For How Much?

Kelly Brook bought a house in 2006. The house is actually from the 1400s, which means the 15th century; therefore, it is a very old house. It is set on a land of 4 acres in Kent, which is huge! Kelly bought it for £975,000 back in 2006. She now shares this house with her dog, Teddy, and her husband, Jeremy, who is also a famous model. 

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How Does She Show It To People?

Kelly often shares pictures of her farmhouse on Instagram, where she has more than 1 million followers with hashtags like #Kentlivingwithkelly or #homesweethome. She loves to flex the three-bedroom house, especially the garden and shows it to people around through her social platforms. 

Outside The Main House

Outside The Main House
(Outside The Main House/Image Credits: Knowledia News)

The huge land not only has a big mansion but it also has an outdoor swimming pool that has a heating mechanism, there is an oast house, several ornamental ponds, a small box hedged maze, a freshwater spring, a laburnum walk, a 500-acre garden that includes the apple and peach tree orchard, and kitchen garden. In addition to this, there is a wildflower meadow for insects and rabbits, a shepherd hut, a little festival area, a lake and whatnot. Oh, and not to forget, the apple farm is almost 600 years old!! It was the humongous garden that the model, Kelly Brooks, fell in love with the most and could not resist buying the place. 

Kelly loves the garden so much that she has successfully taught herself how to garden and grow fruits and vegetables. She now grows her own crops!! 

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Inside The Main House

Let’s talk about the kitchen first. The kitchen is an open-plan area with a Rayburn and a sink that is of porcelain Belfast. Kelly loves to cook in her yellow and blue, stunning kitchen. The kitchen has stone worktops, including taps and handles. Near the kitchen is a dining room which has handmade units.  

There are lots of rooms including double bedrooms, bathroom, attic room, dressing room, study room, family room, TV room, living room which makes the house very spacious. Almost all rooms have their own fireplace. 

The house is warm throughout the year, thanks to its central heating system. 

Why Did Kelly Brook Buy the Huge House?

Why Did Kelly Brook Buy the Huge House?
(Why Did Kelly Brook Buy the Huge House?/ImageCredits:The Mirror,HELLO! Magazine)

Kelly Brook actually bought this house so she could hold her wedding there with her ex-boyfriend, but the wedding was called off. Kelly still kept the house because she loved the garden and wanted to become a gardening person.

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Kelly loves to stay in her house when she is not working. She says its her happy place and is the best place on earth since she feels at peace here. She loves spending time with either her husband Jeremy or their dog Teddy. When they are not there, she likes to do gardening and grow crops and vegetables. She did not know anything of gardening before but then she learnt it through books and by watching videos.