Justin And Hailey Beiber’s Romantic Getaway
(Justin And Hailey Beiber’s Romantic Getaway /Image Credits: Wikipedia)

Twenty nine year old Canadian singer Justin Beiber  is recognized for his incredible vocal range, and global influence he used to have and still does on modern-day pop  music. Bieber was first discovered by Scooter Braun during a  talent hunt. His unique voice and star potential led him to sign with RBMG Records in 2008, gaining recognition with the release of his debut seven-track EP My World 2009. His early debut launched his career making him the most famous pop stars in Hollywood of all time. He became a teen idol very quickly achieving success nationally and internationally. Bieber is one of the best-selling music artists of all time and has sold over 150 million records worldwide. He has received countless awards throughout his career including two Grammy Awards, one Latin Grammy Award, eight Juno Awards, two Brit Awards, one Bambi Award, 26 Billboard Music Awards, 18 American Music Awards, 22 MTV Europe Music Awards, 23 Teen Choice Awards and 33 Guinness World Records. In 2011, he was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Consecutively after two years, he was on top of the Forbes list of the top ten most powerful celebrities. He is married to twenty six year old American model, media personality, and socialite Hailey Rhode Baldwin Beiber. She has been featured in major ads for Guess, Ralph Lauren, and  Tommy Hilfiger.

Their Marriage 

Even though the couple has been married for over four years now, they always somehow end up being a target of backlash. Justin’s relationship with his ex Selena Gomez still influences his wife’s image and reputation. With haters commenting on their marriage being just a contract for their own benefits, to their theories for whether they’re secretly divorced or not. The internet is a crazy place indeed. The couple however ignores the hateful comments and continues to enjoy their life with their close friends and family. They don't let the negativity consume them and focus on their relationship. In Justin’s youtube documentary series he revealed how he battled with mental health issues and his wife Hailey was always by his side supporting  him. Their wedding ceremony and deeper insight into their marriage helped the audience realise it is the fandoms that are toxic, not these people. As Justin and Selena have moved on so should the viewers. 

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Road Trip To Utah 

Over the weekend Justin and Hailey went out for a romantic getaway and uploaded a series of pictures on their Instagram appreciating each other's company. A source revealed that Hailey had returned from work in Italy. The pair drove in their RV to Utah and headed to Oregon next. Baldwin posted bikini pictures of her on the beach enjoying the sun and the road trip looking absolutely stunning in her white top. In the last  photo, the couple was kissing and sitting together on a swinging bench. 

Instagram Pictures

Instagram Pictures
(Instagram Pictures /Image Credits: Glamour)

These are the moments I live for, the Canadian-born superstar Justin Beiber shared in a wholesome post on Instagram with a caption Alone time with you refreshes my soul. You are so out of my league and I'm okay with that! You are mine and I am yours. The couple was posing together throughout a series of photos from their romantic vacation. Celebrities and friends commented under their heartwarming cute post with Hailey’s best friend,  supermodel Kendall Jenner saying, She's a little bit mine too. Sean Kingston commented Real love !!! She brings out a beautiful side of you congrats man. Happiness is the key, he wrote. Their representatives including a few sources close to E! News said that the couple seemed to have an amazing time being out in the desert and spending alone time in an incredibly beautiful place.The source continued Hailey and Justin spent a long weekend at Amangiri on the Arizona and Utah border. Their weekend was very peaceful and relaxing. They further revealed that they took sunset walks and spent time at the pool. They climbed to the top of the mountain and admired the views. They sat and had long talks in the desert. They ate amazing food and seemed to love everything about their stay. They walked around holding hands, hugging each other and kissing. They were very romantic and sat by the outdoor fire pit chatting and cuddling up to each other every night. When these details were revealed to their fans, they were in an awe at how adorable these two love birds are. 

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