Hailey Bieber Discusses Her Leisure Activities Alongside Her Canine Companions And Spouse, Justin.
(Hailey Bieber Discusses Her Leisure Activities Alongside Her Canine Companions And Spouse, Justin/ Image Credits:Glamour)

Hailey Bieber undertakes a multitude of responsibilities, which encompass overseeing her thriving Skincare enterprise, advancing her modelling profession, and engaging in diverse advertising campaigns. In recent months, the 26-year-old has journeyed to New York City, Tokyo, and presently Paris, thereby augmenting her catalogue of visited locations with the City of Love.

During her time in Paris, Hailey fully embodies a princess ballerina aesthetic. This socialite, who recently celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary with her husband, Justin Bieber, is also preparing to launch a new product under her brand, Rhode. 

Difficulties with self-assurance

In addition to her other commitments, the model is actively promoting four new shades of lip tint that her beauty brand is set to release in the coming days. Recently, Hailey shared insights into her daily routine at home, emphasizing her enjoyment of quality, low-key time with Justin, her thoughts on lingerie, and her struggles with confidence.

While Hailey's lifestyle necessitates frequent jet-setting across the globe, she also relishes spending leisurely time at home in a more casual attire. During a conversation with Elle, the model divulged, As I have matured, I have developed a greater appreciation for spending time at home with my dogs and husband, watching Movies and ordering in food.

Previously shared a photograph

She reminisced about a day she spent in her pyjamas and revealed, Watching movies in my pajamas was the most enjoyable day ever. Hailey had previously shared a photo dump and disclosed that she was watching Sex and the City for the first time. 

She confirmed to the magazine that she had binge-watched the iconic show and has now moved on to its spinoff sequel series, And Just Like That. The media personality also commented on lingerie and her relationship with it. 

Witness a substantial decrease

Witness a substantial decrease
(Witness a substantial decrease/ Image Credits:Page Six,Daily Mail)

The influencer, prominently showcased in the recent advertising campaign of Victoria's Secret, also shared insights into her approach to managing feelings of self-doubt or lack of confidence. 

However, the presence of individuals who consistently remind me of my true worth and the act of surrounding myself with individuals who genuinely appreciate me for who I am are the primary sources of encouragement in my life. Hailey is now preparing to introduce her latest line of Rhode products, which includes lip tints.