Sneak Peak Of Lavish Lifestyle Of ‘burden Of Truth’s’ Actress Kristin Kreuk
(Sneak Peak Of Lavish Lifestyle Of ‘burden Of Truth’s’ Actress Kristin Kreuk/Image Credits:Wallpaper Flare)

From Smallville to Beauty & the Beast

Kristin is one of those very few actresses who has been famous not only for her acting but also for her lavish lifestyle which she says she has been able to earn through her hard work and dedication. Kristin has given hits like ‘Smallville’ and ‘Beauty & the Beast. Her extravagant lifestyle is all because of her successful career. At such a young age, Kristin has embarked on a successful journey where she can afford indulgence and lavishness.

Kristin was born on 30th December 1982 in Vancouver, Canada. Her acting career started at a very early age when she started performing at theater and doing television series. Her popular TV series ‘Smallville’ was the first step of her success. Her role as Lana Lang in Smallville boosted her to reach international media and she started getting roles from Hollywood. The show not only brought fame to her career but also brought good fortune to her income.

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Investment In Real Estate Properties

Investment in real estate properties
(Investment in real estate properties/Image Credits:Shutterstock)

Apart from acting, Kristin’s other interest is real estate properties. Her opulent lifestyle is because of her remarkable selection of properties. Not only one or two but the actress owns multiple properties all over the world. One of the most luxurious and hallmark properties of hers is a magnificent villa in a neighborhood of California.

Yes, she owns a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills. The mansion’s exterior is outstanding with a view of a cozy swimming pool, an exclusive tennis court, and a marvelous well-maintained garden. If we talk about the interior of the house, it's simply mind-blowing. The villa has a spacious, decorated and extraordinary living room, a home theater, and a gourmet kitchen. Words do not do any justice explaining how grand her mansion is.

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Tranquil Beach In Malibu

Tranquil Beach in Malibu
(Tranquil Beach in Malibu/Image Credits:Fresherslive)

Kristin also owns a property in Malibu. The beach at Malibu is a home where she unwinds herself with the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. How exquisite and serene the place would be, we can only imagine, but Kristin owns the place so she gets to enjoy all the luxuries the place has to offer. The villa at the beach is an escape from all the hustle and bustle of showbiz life.

As a bulbous and well-known actress of Hollywood, Kristin gets to attend Red Carpets, events, premiers, and award shows. For her trendy, hip, and stylish dressing she is always in the spotlight. She chooses to wear top-notch designers that shows her love for an exquisite fashion sense. Kristin never fails to impress the paparazzi with her selection of dazzling gowns, pleasantly tough heels, and bling-bling jewelry.

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Gourmet Cuisines

Gourmet cuisines
(Gourmet cuisines/Image Credits:Pinterest)

Kristin loves dining out and trying new cuisines. Her culinary experiences at renowned restaurants and exclusive dishes she orders deserve appreciation. Her friends from the industry always look up to her choice of wines and food she chucks. The actress is also often seen in her gourmet kitchen trying out new recipes and loves hosting her family and friends there.

If anyone wants to get some traveling inspo do check out Kristin’s’ Instagram posts where she on and off posts the travel destination with her fans. Her selection of vacation spots and places is always top tier restaurants, hotels and beaches where the actress enjoys her luxurious stay with utmost safety and privacy. Be it beaches in the Maldives, sporty places, mountains in Europe or historical places in the USA, her travel experiences are exotic and impressive.

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Philanthropist With A Heart Of Gold

Philanthropist with a heart of gold
(Philanthropist with a heart of gold/Image Credits:New York Post)

After reading all the luxuries and lavish lifestyle Kristin enjoys, you must be thinking she is self-centered and miser, but in reality, she is known for her philanthropic work and social causes she cares about. She is associated with many organizations and charities that work for women’s rights and for the environment.

Her majestic and fairy-style lifestyle is all because of her determination and the uphill struggle she has earned through the entertainment industry. Nonetheless, Kristin loves spending on herself; she is also making a positive impact on society through her care for causes and societies. She believes in giving to others as well and this shows through the social responsibilities, she owes to society.