Early Audition Tapes Of Leonardo Dicaprio That You Won't Believe #5
(Early Audition Tapes Of Leonardo Dicaprio That You Won't Believe #5 /Image Credits: VOI)

Leonardo Dicaprio was born in 1974 in Los Angeles. In the 1980s he started his career by appearing in television commercials. Then by success, he started to appear in drama television roles. For his first drama, he received a global award. No doubt, he has done a great job since adulthood.Let’s discuss his early life and background. Why he wanted to start his career as a professional.

Leonardo Dicaprio is the only child of his parents. His mother is German and his father is Italian. Along with this, his maternal grandfather and grandmother belonged to Germany and were Russian immigrants. Leonardo Dicaprio was raised to be Catholic. When he was at the age of 1, his parents filed for divorce. Although, he grew up in a poor neighbourhood. Along with her mother, they moved to Los Angeles.Leonardo Dicaprio wanted to become an actor or marine biologist. He had two choices but he found it difficult to choose one. Since childhood, he has admired acting and actors and also decided to continue his career as an actor. When he was at the age of two and went on stage at a dance performance festival his interest began in acting. 

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Early Audition Tapes of Leonardo Dicaprio

 Early Audition Tapes of Leonardo Dicaprio
(Early Audition Tapes of Leonardo Dicaprio /Image Credits: Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

However, he started recurring in commercials and drama serials. Moreover, he also earned $50,000 in his first commercial. When he started his career, he had little bit of difficulty in finding an agent. Later, he met with an agent. He suggested Leonardo Dicaprio change his name from Leonardo to Lenny. He refuses to do this. As his mother named him.

Along with this, he decided to quit his acting career after being rejected for 100 auditions and being jobless for a year and a half. However, after getting motivated by his father he wanted to pursue it and started to audition. On his mother’s suggestion, he did 20 commercials. 

In the 1990s, he started appearing in commercials and television roles regularly. He did several roles and also did pilot roles. He has done a fantastic movie Titanic for which he received positive reviews and association awards. 

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In the movie Titanic he was cast because of the actress Kate Winslet in the movie. They were playing the role of Jack and Rose.  The director of the film was looking for the same age. As he found Jack and Rose. He was very determined to have Jack and Rose around the same age. However, he did not want the actors to overshadow their roles. Hence, Tom Cruise was also rejected. 

However, many actors auditioned for the role but James Cameron refused to select them because he wanted people who were 17 years old. As he was very passionate about his career.  Leonardo Dicaprio also discussed his incredible life journey.Leonardo Dicaprio also went through ocd all his life but never let people know about his insecurities. However, he is not comfortable talking about his personal experiences on television.

Early Audition Tapes Of Leonardo Dicaprio That You Won't Believe #5
(Early Audition Tapes Of Leonardo Dicaprio That You Won't Believe #5 /Image Credits: Biography (Bio.))

In 2013, he took a break from his acting career and wanted to take a rest. However, in that year, he released his four films. No doubt, he is a wonderful actor and producer. Along with the director, he continued to produce the films. Hence, it was the fifth time when he released the film  the Wolf of the Street. However, his character was about a life stockbroker. He played the role so well that he received positive reviews from audiences. They start recognizing him as a fantastic actor. 

Leonardo DiCaprio in his acting career produced several films which were a great success for his journey.  His films played the most vital role in making him as successful as he is now. He wanted to pursue acting again after a break. When he returned to acting, he starred in several comedy dramas which grossed billions worldwide. With his wonderful personality and great success, Leonardo Dicaprio also received an Oscar. 

So in this article, we discussed his journey. That's how he started his acting career when he was 17 years old. And also talks about his struggles and hard work for which he became successful. However, also discussed his early secret audition tapes.

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