Madeline Argy is breaking up the relationship with Central Cee
(Madeline Argy is breaking up the relationship with Central Cee/Image Credits:J-14)

Fans are beginning to wonder whether Central Cee and Madeline Argy broke up after allegedly dating since September 2022.  The couple has mostly kept their relationship off of social media, although they have posted adorable photos of their romance and have gone to several upscale events together.

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Madeline first met up with Central Cee!

Madeline Argy is breaking up the relationship with Central Cee
(Madeline first met up with Central Cee/Image Credits:Yahoo Sports)

For the first time, Madeline Argy discusses her private but not hidden relationship with Central Cee. On Wednesday's Call Her Daddy episode, Argy who joined Alex Cooper's Unwell Network last month discussed her two-year "entanglement" with the British rapper. 

On one of the first occasions the U.K.-based influencer had discussed the romance in public, she said that it had ended two months earlier. Cooper was instructed that "I made the final decision." 29.

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Did they decide to break up?

Madeline Argy is breaking up the relationship with Central Cee
(Did they decide to break up/Image Credits:Distractify)

Their rumoured separation has been verified by Cench or Madeline. Despite sharing little glimpses of their love throughout the year, the couple largely kept their relationship off social media. Since the release of "Doja," there have been rumours about Central Cee's new girlfriend, and the two have been dating since September 2022.

Recently, Cench announced that his lover was bisexual in the lyrics of his new song, "Doja." Fans connected the dots after Madeline disclosed that she is bisexual.

Argy, 23, said that she had realized they needed to break up for some time before taking any action, adding that it was "hard because we were both a little bit obsessed with each other." "It was a lot of back and forth and kind of in a fun, toxic way when you're like, Oh God, this needs to end, but f--- it, let's take another vacation together or spend another night together.

Although she said they would "have that conversation" about why the relationship was no longer "fulfilling" them and the reason they "were not happy," she also claimed that, as with many toxic relationships, they would just end up back together. 

The relationship finally came to an end!

Madeline Argy is breaking up the relationship with Central Cee
(The relationship finally came to an end/Image Credits:YouTube)

Argy, whose first podcast Pretty Lonesome debuts on Monday, said of the split, "It needed to be like ripping the Band-Aid off," albeit it was easier said than done. She made a rare slip-up by admitting something to a friend since she generally kept the specifics of her relationship to herself, and that is when she knew she had to follow through. 

The statement she made was "humbling," she continued, adding that "this relationship must end right away."

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Fans get shocked!

Madeline Argy is breaking up the relationship with Central Cee
(Fans get shocked/Image Credits:J-14, TikTok )

Argy, who published her first TikTok video in March 2021 and soon gathered fans who related to her vulnerability and hold-nothing-back style of content, came to the understanding that the relationship was over.

She said to Cooper, "I really didn't like who I became, especially towards the end." He often claimed that I was disrespectful, which bothered me. And I take great satisfaction in never being f---ing disrespectful to anyone.

I know I might come off as uninterested at times because I'm a little bashful, but I'm just like, 'I don't know what to say, so I don't say anything,' she said. But after that, I said, "No, you're right." Every time I'm in a room with my friends, family, or coworkers, I stay silent and transform into this incredibly timid, little version of myself. And I believe that everything I say is foolish or flawed in some way.

Argy claimed she pushed herself in the weeks following their breakup, notably when attending her first New York Fashion Week. While she was dating the rapper known as "Sprinter," who gained notoriety with his song "Doja" last summer in which he sings of Argy, "How can I be homophobic? She said she's "really brought it back" with the lyrics "My bitch is gay," which made him the most streamed U.K. rap artist. 

Central Cee and Madeline Argy unfollow each other!

Madeline Argy is breaking up the relationship with Central Cee
(Central Cee and Madeline Argy unfollow each otherImage Credits:The Tab )

In September 2023, the two stopped following one another on Instagram. Fans observed that the couple had been communicating less on social media, and rumours of a breakup are rampant.

"Madeline and Central Cee stopped following each other on Instagram. till further notice, don't communicate with me. Tweeted one Twitter user. Another said, "The break-up of Central Cee and Madeline was my last f**king straw." The couple has not commented on their rumoured breakup or offered a reason for unfollowing one another.