Gwen Stefani Contemplates Her Divorce From Gavin Rossdale After 7 Years
(Gwen Stefani Contemplates Her Divorce From Gavin Rossdale After 7 Years /Image Credits: Prime Video: OK Magazine)

Gwen Stefani, aged 53, and Gavin Rossdale, aged 57, may have terminated their widely publicized marriage seven years ago, yet the songstress continues to contemplate it to this day. In a recent interview on September 27, Gwen delved into their tumultuous separation and her present union with Blake Shelton, aged 47. It is widely acknowledged that there was a time when my life crumbled, stated the renowned Rich Girl vocalist, referring to the divorce that took place in 2016. The mother of three further expressed that following her separation from the musician from the band Bush, she had to undergo a significant transformation in her life. 

A complete reset was necessary 

Gwen shared that the experience was distressing, and she acknowledged that many others have faced similar circumstances. She emphasized that she had to essentially start anew, as her life required a complete reset. Gavin and Gwen entered into matrimony in 2002 and were blessed with three sons: Kingston, aged 17, Zuma, aged 15, and Apollo, aged 9. As widely known, the lead vocalist of No Doubt and the now 57-year-old individual terminated their marital union after reports of Gavin's infidelity surfaced in 2015. 

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Throughout their collaboration

Gwen Stefani Contemplates Her Divorce From Gavin Rossdale After 7 Years
(Throughout their collaboration /Image Credits: Prime Video: Fame10)

Gwen subsequently released an album titled This Is What the Truth Feels Like in 2016, which appeared to contain songs alluding to Gavin's affair. Later on, Gwen encountered Blake during their collaboration on The Voice in 2014, and eventually, the couple tied the knot in 2021. 

In the October cover story, Gwen discussed her marriage to Blake in a heartfelt manner. She conveyed her astonishment regarding the profoundness of her emotions towards him, characterizing it as an extraordinary privilege to encounter such love for the very first time. Furthermore, she proceeded to elucidate that Blake has exerted a profound influence on her existence and that being in his presence evokes a sense of belonging and comfort akin to that of being in one's own abode. 

Presently fulfilling the role of a judge

Before Gwen, Blake was married to fellow country star Miranda Lambert from 2011 until their 2015 divorce. Currently, Blake and his wife lead a lifestyle that is not typical of Hollywood in Oklahoma. Gwen explained that while she is not particularly fond of dirt, bugs, or humidity, she finds the natural beauty of Oklahoma to be captivating and feels a sense of spiritual connection to the environment. Gwen is currently serving as a judge on Season 24 of The Voice, but without her husband, who announced his departure from the show last year. 

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