Madonna Engaged In Twerking And Grinding With Her Companions At The Extravagant 18th Birthday Celebration Of David Banda
(Madonna Engaged In Twerking And Grinding With Her Companions At The Extravagant 18th Birthday Celebration Of David Banda / Image Credits: NewsBreak)

Madonna has demonstrated her ability to celebrate with the best of them over several decades, and she recently did so once again in honour of her son David Banda's 18th birthday.

On September 26, the renowned 'Vogue' singer, aged 65, took to Instagram to share footage of the lively celebration, during which she danced and socialized with friends in a dimly lit venue.

Difficult to believe

In the caption, the iconic musician expressed her excitement for her son's milestone, referring to him as 'Tribal Name -Senzangakona- Descendant of the Ngoni And Zulu Tribes!' Madonna went on to reflect on the passage of time since David's birth on September 24, 2005, expressing disbelief that nearly 18 years had elapsed since they first met at the Home of Hope Orphanage in Mchinji.

She noted that David's name means 'Speak the truth,' which she believes is a fitting moniker for an artist. Madonna expressed her pride in her son's growth as a remarkable human being, concluding with the sentiment that he shines like the brightest star, accompanied by a series of star emojis.

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Participating in the dance style

In the video, which was accompanied by Michael Jackson's 'Wanna Be Startin Something',' the woman who is a mother of six was observed donning a suit-inspired mini dress, fishnet stockings, and silver boots while participating in twerking with several acquaintances at a formal gathering.

In contrast, David opted for a black and white tuxedo, complemented by embellished sunglasses. He appeared delighted as he blew out 18 candles on a cake adorned with a photograph of his younger self. At the beginning of the video, the singer directly addressed the camera.

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Presenting an exquisite couture handbag

With a seductive tone, she greeted, 'Happy birthday, David Banda,' while showcasing a couture handbag embellished with the word 'THIEF' in jewels. 'You have stolen my heart!' she exclaimed.

According to a source, the extravagant celebration took place as a private affair at an upscale rooftop venue, with approximately 40 guests in attendance. David's siblings, Mercy James (17) and twins Stella and Estere (11), were also present at the event.