Mara Justine: The 5 Key Facts To Know About 'Idol' Alum Audition On 'The Voice'
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'The Voice' loves to praise young talents. Throughout the premiere of Season 24, Mara Justine will perform an act for the coaches. At only 21 years old, Mara Justine has been a great, talented singer who's been gaining popularity for years. 

So, do you know about Mara Justine? If you are a Television reality competition series fan, you might know this singer. has highlighted five key points about this famous singer, Mara Justine. Let's have a look

Mara Is Auditioning For Season 24 At 'The Voice'

Mara Justine will take the stage for 'The Voice' throughout the Season 24 premiere. This popular singer has been hyping her appearance up to lead the episode of September 25. Mara captioned during an Instagram post on 'The Voice', 'My dreams are becoming reality soon'.

At Just 15 years old, Mara Justine Was Appeared On 'American Idol'

At Just 15 years old, Mara Justine Was Appeared On 'American Idol'
(At Just 15 years old, Mara Justine Was Appeared On 'American Idol'/Image Credits:Asbury Park Press)

Mara Justine auditioned for season 16 of 'American Idol'. During her audition, she performed 'Love on the Brain', Rihanna's song, and she told the judges that it had been her sole dream to audition for the show since she was a little child. Mara made it to the top 14 before being sent to her home.

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Mara Justine Was Auditioned For The Show, 'America's Got Talent'

Before approaching America Idol, Mara Justine auditioned for Season 9 of the show, 'America's Got Talent'. At that time, Mara was just 11 years old and made it to the top 12 of AGT before being eliminated.

Mara Justine Has Released Her Music Albums

Mara Justine Has Released Her Music Albums
(Mara Justine Has Released Her Music Albums/Image

Mara Justine publicised her self-titled EP in 2015, and she has been a successful singer with her amazing covers that she has uploaded on the YouTube Channel. The 2020 song cover of Mara Justine from Bishop Briggs hit the 'River' track, gaining more than 940,000 opinions.

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Mara Justine Has An Extensive TikTok Fan Following

Mara Justine is in the air with the Gen Z generation, which has made TikTok a key part of showcasing her vocal abilities. The singer, Mara, has gained more than 486,000 fans and followers on TikTok, and her videos have gone viral with over 5 million likes and subscribers. She often uploads covers of songs, and her one cover by Tasha Cobbs Leonard of 'You know my Name' has achieved more than 1 million subscribers and likes. 

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