The exodus of celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg from Hollywood to the affluent enclave of Las Vegas
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Renowned personalities such as Mark Wahlberg aren't merely frequenting Las Vegas for recreational purposes; instead, they are opting to establish permanent residences there. This revelation stems from documentation procured by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Wahlberg recently divested a 7,327-square-foot townhouse situated within the exclusive residential enclave recognized as The Summit Club for a substantial sum of $16.6 million. This transaction transpired following his family's relocation to the region in the previous year. The initial acquisition of the property had been made for a notable $14.5 million. Despite the sale, the 52-year-old Father Stu star remains in Las Vegas.

A multitude Of Exceptional Communities

Mark Wahlberg elucidated, "Upon our resolution to relocate to the vibrant city of Las Vegas, our objective was to effectuate this transition prior to the commencement of the academic calendar. Initially, we sojourned in temporary accommodations, subsequently progressing to a different abode." Our intention was always to construct not only a studio, but also a family home. We simply relocated from one house to another."

He further elaborated on the appeal of Las Vegas, stating, "Las Vegas is often associated with the Strip, but there are numerous wonderful communities in Nevada. I reside in a faith-based community with excellent schools. Las Vegas encompasses a multitude of attractions beyond the renowned Strip."

There Is A Limited Occurrence

Celine Dion, Nicolas Cage, Nick Carter, and Mike Tyson are prominent individuals who have resided in Las Vegas for an extended period. They have been drawn to the city due to the advantageous state income tax benefits, low crime rates, and minimal traffic congestion, which are particularly beneficial. Additionally, the absence of paparazzi adds to the appeal.

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Presently, the exclusive community of Summerlin is regarded as the equivalent of Beverly Hills in Las Vegas and is comparable to Scottsdale near Phoenix, according to Summerlin realtor Michael Bondi. It is the preferred location for numerous celebrities, exuding an affluent atmosphere.

The Most Recent Upscale Real Estate Project

The exodus of celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg from Hollywood to the affluent enclave of Las Vegas
(The most recent upscale real estate project/ImageCredits:Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Furthermore, luxury real estate agent Gavin Ernstone highlights the desirability of areas such as The Summit Club, the latest luxury development in the region where Wahlberg recently sold his townhouse.

Located just a short 20-minute drive away from the renowned Las Vegas Strip, The Summit Club is an expansive 555-acre private community that has garnered the attention of esteemed sports figures, notable celebrities, and individuals of immense wealth.

Participate In The Endeavour

One of the prominent advantages offered to its residents is an unparalleled level of security, surpassing any other you may encounter, as stated by Ernstone. Within the confines of this gated community lie an array of remarkable facilities, as emphasized by Ernstone. 

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These include a remarkable clubhouse that has recently been unveiled, purpose-built lakes where children can engage in the activity of fishing, a baseball field, and an exclusive golf course solely accessible to members and residents. Homeowners are privileged to indulge in breathtaking views of the nearby Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, while also benefiting from an assortment of amenities.

Extraordinary Destinations

These amenities encompass a hosted suite, specifically designated for events such as Raiders games at Allegiant Stadium, where residents are conveniently transported in private vehicles. The essence of exclusivity is truly underscored within this exceptional community, as Ernstone aptly highlights.

The Summit Club is a distinguished community developed by the esteemed Discovery Land Co., renowned for its exceptional destinations in various locations such as the Bahamas, Montana, Cabo San Lucas, Idaho, and Hawaii.

Considerable Popularity In Recent Years

According to Ernstone, some affluent families even invest in multiple properties within the developer's portfolio and seamlessly transition between them. This exclusive trend has gained popularity among the ultra-wealthy.

In an interview in April, Wahlberg expressed his family's fondness for Las Vegas, stating that his four children had comfortably settled in after just six months. The acclaimed actor, who has received an Oscar nomination, and his wife, Rhea Durham, are proud parents to Ella, 19, Michael, 16, Brendan, 14, and Grace, 13.

Residential Land Is Available For Development

Bondi highlights the remarkable growth in the area, which has attracted prominent California-based companies like Google and Amazon to relocate. This surge in demand has resulted in a scarcity of residential land for development. Las Vegas has the potential to transform into a prominent production hub similar to Atlanta shortly, thanks to a bill currently under consideration by the Nevada legislature. 

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This bill would authorize the establishment of a motion picture studio located just a short five-minute drive away from communities such as The Summit Club. According to Bondi, Sony Entertainment and a local developer have already devised a comprehensive plan to construct a 58-acre studio.

The Improved Standard Of Living

The exodus of celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg from Hollywood to the affluent enclave of Las Vegas
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During an interview on The Talk in October 2022, Wahlberg expressed his intention to advocate for tax credits to construct a state-of-the-art studio and establish what he referred to as "Hollywood 2.0" in Las Vegas. In the broader context, Wahlberg underscored his fervent ambition to bestow upon his offspring an elevated caliber of existence through this migration.

He expounded upon how this transition would afford his progeny the latitude to ardently chase their aspirations, whether it entails his daughter's fervor for equestrian pursuits, his son's lofty ambitions in the realm of basketball, or his younger scion's fascination with the sport of golf. Wahlberg articulated an unmistakable sense of eagerness in anticipation of the myriad prospects that await him in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, proclaiming, "I am genuinely exhilarated about the forthcoming prospects."