From Glamor To Disaster

Wardrobe Malfunction Or Disastrous Red-Carpet Moments? Check Minnie’s Failed Dresses!
(Wardrobe Malfunction Or Disastrous Red-Carpet Moments? Check Minnie’s Failed Dresses!/ Image Credits: People)

When you are working in Hollywood you must know how to drape yourself for red carpet events. Red Carpet events are all about glamor, fame, dazzling dresses and style and grace. Many celebrities try to give their best looks so that their fans remember those looks for decades but doing so can be a disaster as these unfortunate events are also a part of these events.

Minnie Driver, famous Hollywood actress unfortunately had to face criticism while she attempted to create a tinkle with her avantgarde outfit. At a recent event, Minnie made a memorable appearance wearing a bold dress that raised the eyebrows of many celebrities and photographers around her. Minnie received a mix of comments, many cataloging it as a failed fashion attempt while some saying it a bold choice of carrying herself so gracefully.

Pantsuit – Defying The Standards Of Red Carpet

Pantsuit – defying the standards of red carpet
(Pantsuit – defying the standards of red carpet/ Image Credits: Daily Mail, Getty Images, Go Fug Yourself, Daily Mail)

Minnie wore a pantsuit to a red-carpet event that usually is a bad choice for such events. The outfit was colorful, a mixture of abstract art and a masterpiece but what made her look more horrible was her choice of sneaker shoes. According to Minnie, she intentionally did not wear a gown or high heels to defy the red carpet’s set standards.

Although Minnie did not adhere to the standards set by red carpets and chose to wear what she liked and was comfortable in, her bold move was applauded and sent a positive and powerful message of following your wishes first and not giving a shit to what others would think.

Nervous Minnie's First Red Carpet Event

Nervous Minnie's first Red Carpet event
(Nervous Minnie's first Red Carpet event/ Image Credits: Pinterest, POPSUGAR Middle East)

Minnie was nominated for Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Good Will Hunting. She wore a floor length gown in Ruby Red that had a tumbling neckline. She completed her look with a faux fur stole and looked absolutely gorgeous. Less did she know that her gorgeous look is going to be disastrous as someone stepped on the tail of her gown and for microseconds everyone looked at her exposed body.

Minnie recalls the incident by saying that she was delighted and nervous at the same time as she was attending the first red Carpet of her career and she wanted to give her best. She shared that when she reached the venue, she saw a storm of photographers ready to capture her but there was only one photo booth where you could stand and pose for a picture.

Gracefully Hiding Her Body With A Fur Stole

Gracefully hiding her body with a fur stole
(Gracefully hiding her body with a fur stole/ Image Credits: Pinterest, Getty Images)

Minnie added that she went there, put her hands on the hips and suddenly she felt her dress falling off. She stood frozen there and with a fake smile she quickly wrapped her faux fur stole around herself and nobody knew what had happened as the stole saved my exposed body. The photographers took my photos and those photographs are still on the internet and are quite famous.

As the internet was flooded with the misshapen pictures, viewers did not wait for a chance to label it as a fashion fail. But there were many others who were empathetic and kind to the actress commenting that mishaps can happen to anyone and one should be careful with the words as the one who has suffered is already in shock and embarrassed. It is also important to know that celebrities are also human beings and, in an attempt, to give glamorous looks, such challenges are also a part of such events.

Red Carpets – Platform To Raise Awareness

In the world of Red-Carpet events and fashion shows, the struggle of carrying a fashion statement dress and saving it from any disaster can be shadowy. Minnie’s red-carpet incident is a reminder that you cannot avoid such disaster even though you carefully sit down with your designer and choose your outfit that perfectly aligns with the standards of the event. Though one should be carefully appreciating or demeaning the celebrities.

Red carpet events are an incredible platform where celebrities are not only present to show their glamorous looks or glitzy dresses but also, they get a chance to raise their voices for the causes they support, appreciate and believe.