Eva Longoria's Red Carpet Scandals: Shocking Insider Stories!'
(Eva Longoria's Red Carpet Scandals: Shocking Insider Stories!' /Image Credits: The US Sun)

Eva Longoria has continued to dazzle in the spotlight even after more than a decade of her first big break. The Desperate Housewives alum who is currently 48, refuses to look a day older than 30 and keeps shocking her fans with beautiful pictures of herself.

Just last week Thursday, she posted a picture on Instagram, while wearing a short black leather dress that accentuated her long legs. “We  love a LBD," Eva wrote in the caption.

However, even with her high wardrobe quality and flattering body, Eva has had her fair share of red carpet scandals. Let consider some of them.

Her 2013 Wardrobe mishap 

In 2013, Eva had a mishap that left fans talking all through the year. This happened in the red carpet of the screening of "Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian)" at the 66th Cannes Film Festival.

Eva who attended the festival while wearing a seafoam, beaded dress with cold shoulders and a leg slit, encountered a big wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet while trying to gracefully climb the stairs. 

She lifted her Atelier Versace gown to avoid tripping on her dress up the stairs, but in turn, she accidentally revealed that she wasn't wearing underwear. 

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Wearing her dress backwards on the red carpet!

I’m 2017, Eva made a shocking revelation about her first appearance to the Cannes film festival in 2005. 

The actress shared a shot of herself on Instagram walking the red carpet at the French event in 2005 wearing a blush colored mini dress with a pink and brown diamond pattern embellished with neon yellow florets, cinched at the waist with a black band, and featuring a very low neckline coming almost all the way down to her belly button. But Eva had a confession to make about the cut of that particular shift, writing in the caption;

“Flashback to my first year in Cannes 12 years ago! I look like a baby! Fun fact: I had my dress on backward Yep. Backwards and didn’t know it!!!!”

Red Carpet squabble with host

In 2018 Golden Globe event themed Time's Up, Eva got into a minor dispute with the red carpet host over a comment he made. The theme of the event was choosen to show support to the men and women of Hollywood and beyond who have faced sexual harassment and misconduct in the their workplace.

Nearly all the stars in attendance were seen wearing black dresses, tuxes, and pant suits to show their genuine support. However, the red carpet host Darly at the time called their actions a passing moment. To this Eva gave a hot reply stating “This is not a moment," she says, correcting him, "This is a movement. And tonight is just one small part of that."

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2019 Scandal with Real house wife

Eva Longoria's Red Carpet Scandals: Shocking Insider Stories!'
(2019 Scandal with Real house wife/Image Credits:Télépro)

In 2019, Eva got herself involved in a huge scandal when she revealed she was being bullied on set while filming the real housewives. She made this known to the public to help her Co-star Felicity Huffman who according to her was the only person who stood up for her. 

Slaying on the red carpet 

Despite Eva’s scandals and funny mishaps on the red carpet, she still continues to slay in her red carpet appearances. 

In this year Cannes film festival, Eva came prepared as she looked so stunning in a scarlet floor length dress, which showed off her flattering curves and beautiful figure.