Rihanna Spotted Filming New Music Video In Barbados
(Rihanna Spotted Filming New Music Video In Barbados/ Image Credits: The Mirror,People)

ASAP Rocky is spending time in his better half’s country. According to reports, A$AP Rocky is currently on vacation in Barbados, having fun with the locals, where both his girlfriend Rihanna and his dad call home. Rocky was spotted on Friday filming a music video, potentially for his long-awaited fourth studio album, while also sharing gaiety with the neighborhood in front of several tropical views. The Harlem rapper gathered a large number of locals for the music video and rewarded them with lots of cash and photos for Instagram later that evening. According to TMZ, Rihanna wasn't there. The Fenty Beauty mogul is now expecting the couple's second child, but it was time for some R&R nonetheless. The two have been traveling extensively after a glamorous Paris Fashion Week, where Rocky also gave a performance.

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A$AP Rocky was spotted shooting a music video and giving back to the local community in Barbados on Friday - ahead of the arrival of his second child with Rihanna. The 34-year-old rapper's music video shoot took place the heart of the city of Bridgetown's urban area known as Chop City on Chapman Lane. It is presumed that the shoot was for a single that will be featured on Don't Be Dumb, the title of A$AP Rocky's long-awaited 4th studio album. Don't Be Dumb is expected to drop sometime later this year. 

Rihanna Spotted Filming New Music Video In Barbados
(Rihanna Spotted Filming New Music Video In Barbados/ Image Credits: Daily Mail)

A$AP Rocky was seen on the set of the video shoot wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of light blue jean shorts. The two-time Grammy-nominated rapper completed his look with a pair of yellow chunky timber boots with blue laces, a pair of white socks, a golden chain necklace, and a bandana of Barbados's flag.

During the video shoot, A$AP Rocky was seen getting on the back of a grey motorcycle. While on the motorcycle, the rapper could be seen holding what appeared to be a a crumpled up Barbadian flag in one of his hands. For another scene of the music video, the rapper could be seen running through Chop City area with a bunch of young children. Meanwhile, the young extras were dressed in outfits nearly identical to A$AP Rocky's for the scene, but they all had the white cloth draped on their heads in a style where only their eyes were visible.

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Some of the young children were seen holding smaller versions of the Barbadian flag. At one point during the shoot, A$AP Rocky was even spotted  up in a tree holding a much larger size of the flag of Barbados. Rihanna’s latest collaboration with Apple was a literal walk down memory lane for the singer. The short film, set in Barbados, is part of the promotional campaign for Rihanna's Super Bowl halftime performance.

The clip starts with a close-up of a woman getting her baby hair perfected on a bungalow porch. You can hear chatter between the women, you know it’s about time she comes back, and the fans are waiting. The video’s main character is a school-age girl that activates her 'Black girl magic' when she puts on a pair of stylish sunglasses. Rihanna’s verse of Run This Town is the soundtrack as the young girl captivates onlookers as she walks down the street.

Rihanna Spotted Filming New Music Video In Barbados
(Rihanna Spotted Filming New Music Video In Barbados/ Image Credits: Byrdie)

The girl’s journey stops on Rihanna Drive, set at the end of the street before the start of a cemetery. The clip ends with words from the 34-year-old singer, My whole life was shaped on this very road. I was just a little island girl flying kites in the cemetery...but I had big dreams. Those big dreams led Rihanna, whose legal name is Robyn Fenty, to be one of the music industry’s most prominent artists and the youngest self-made billionaire. The street she grew up on in the Westbury area of Bridgetown was renamed in her honor in 2017.

Westbury has one of the city’s largest cemeteries and is the last resting place for some of the area’s most prominent military personnel. It’s also where a young Fenty flew kites as a child. Bridgetown is the capital city of Barbados, with a population of over 110,000 people. The city’s Grantley Adams International Airport flies daily to the U.K., Canada, the U.S., and others around the Caribbean. The city is home to the Grand Kadooment Carnival Parade, which annually brings over 85,000 people to the area. The Crop Over parade originated as the celebration of Barbados’s sugar cane harvest. The modern version is a week full of events, food, and music celebrating the culture of Bajans.

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