Olivia And Ethan Plath Of Welcome To Plathville Discuss Their Pivotal Decision To Relocate To Minnesota
(Olivia And Ethan Plath Of Welcome To Plathville Discuss Their Pivotal Decision To Relocate To Minnesota/ Image Credits:Us Weekly)

Ethan and Olivia Plath are prepared to leave behind familial conflicts and embark upon a thrilling new phase in their marital journey. In the recent episode of TLC's Welcome to Plathville, the couple, aged 25, made the necessary arrangements to relocate from Tampa, Florida to Minnesota.

Their forthcoming abode will be near Ethan's grandparents, a prospect that has evoked enthusiasm from both individuals. My grandparents hold a deep affection for Olivia, Ethan enthusiastically expressed during an interview.

Consistently rendered assistance

Since the beginning of our union, they have embraced me as part of their family and have consistently provided support for both Ethan and me, Olivia added, speaking about his grandparents.

Although we have consistently sensed their affection, the absence of daily interaction due to a considerable distance of 1,000 miles has hindered us from fully experiencing it. The speaker further emphasized that this could potentially be a pivotal element that could determine the success or failure of their relationship. 

Given the recent conflicts

Additionally, Olivia acknowledged that she believes Minnesota will offer a supportive atmosphere for their marriage, particularly considering the recent conflicts they have faced with Ethan's parents and siblings.

As the couple celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, they found themselves embroiled in an ongoing dispute with Moriah, Ethan's sister and Olivia's former best friend, who is 21 years old.

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The individual encountered a turbulent

Following a falling out with Olivia, Moriah decided to move out of their shared residence and sever all communication with both her brother and sister-in-law. She even went to the extent of blocking Ethan on her phone and social media platforms.

In addition to the conflict with Moriah, Olivia has experienced a tumultuous relationship with both of the Plath parents. Olivia and Ethan's mother, Kim, who is 51 years old, have not been on speaking terms for an extended period. Furthermore, in the season premiere, Barry, who is 55 years old, accused Olivia of brainwashing Ethan.

The relation to their decision

The relation to their decision
(The relation to their decision/ Image Credits:People)

Upon contemplation of their imminent relocation, Olivia acknowledged, There exists within me a yearning for the relationships that were once present. Nevertheless, I am uncertain as to whether those relationships will ever be reinstated to their previous state. It appears to resemble the culmination of a chapter in our lives. Ethan, on the other hand, expressed optimism regarding their decision to move. 

He believed that by distancing themselves from his immediate family, there would ultimately be a reduction in negative influences on their marriage. I anticipate that the move to Minnesota will greatly benefit both Olivia and our relationship, he stated during a confessional interview.

The sentiment previously conveyed

Later in the episode, Ethan and Olivia hosted a farewell gathering the evening before embarking on their journey. The guest list comprised various friends and Olivia's brother Nathan, but none of the Plath siblings were in attendance.

Ethan bid farewell to his family members, except his sister Lydia, who is 19 years old. The eldest Plath son, who previously expressed feeling torn between his wife and his family, commented on leaving without resolving things with Moriah, stating, It is what it is.

They encountered challenges

They encountered challenges
(They encountered challenges/ Image Credits:www.instagram.com)

Ethan and Olivia, who tied the knot in 2018 and recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, have encountered numerous challenges throughout their relationship. Most recently, they faced difficulties living apart for two and a half months while Ethan completed his automotive work in Georgia.

At one point in 2021, Olivia moved out of their shared residence. However, it appears that the couple resolved their issues by September 2022, as Ethan shared a heartfelt photo of the two of them on Instagram, accompanied by the caption: When high school sweethearts are reunited, there exists minimal factors that can cause a separation between us.

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There have been speculations circulating

Olivia has also made efforts to dispel the rumours surrounding their marital status. In June 2023, she took the initiative to address the matter directly in the comments section of an Instagram post, refuting the claim that she and Ethan were on the verge of divorce.

In the forthcoming episode preview, Ethan and Olivia are depicted as content and at ease in their new surroundings, while Micah contemplates the possibility of departing from Los Angeles, and Kim openly admits to embarking on a new romantic relationship.