Priyanka Chopra Allegedly Experiences A Sense Of Being Entangled Between Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas
(Priyanka Chopra Allegedly Experiences A Sense Of Being Entangled Between Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas/ Image Credits: India Today)

Priyanka Chopra, aged 41, is currently experiencing a sense of being entangled in the complexities arising from the recent divorce of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, as reported by Life & Style. As the spouse of Nick Jonas, Priyanka had developed a close bond with Sophie, who became her sister-in-law through marriage. 

Additionally, Priyanka had formed a strong connection with her nieces, Willa and Delphine. Given the circumstances, Priyanka is now faced with the challenge of navigating the tense situation between the former couple.

They Had A Notably Intimate Bond

According to an insider, Sophie and Joe maintained separate circles of friends, but a few individuals found themselves caught in the middle of this unfortunate situation. The insider further revealed that Priyanka and Sophie shared a particularly close relationship.

According to the source, there was a time when Sophie believed that she, Joe, Nick, and Priyanka would relocate to London. Furthermore, the source stated that Priyanka holds a deep affection for Sophie and her nieces, and is unwilling to take any action that may endanger their relationship.

She Conveyed Her Gratitude

The claims made by the insider have emerged four years after Priyanka's disclosure in an interview with Elle, wherein she expressed her appreciation for the presence of Sophie and Danielle Jonas, who is married to Kevin Jonas and is her sister-in-law.

Priyanka, who wed Nick in 2018, conveyed her delight in having them in her life, emphasizing the absence of a sister in her own experience. She further praised Sophie, highlighting her exceptional talent and sense of humour, and expressed anticipation for her upcoming marriage to become an official member of the Jonas family. 

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The Former Couple Conveyed Their Sentiments

The former couple conveyed their sentiments
(The former couple conveyed their sentiments/ Image Credits: Reddit)

Sophie and Joe made a public declaration of their separation on the 6th of September. In a joint statement, the former couple expressed, 'Following four delightful years of matrimony, we have collectively agreed to peacefully terminate our marriage.'

They acknowledged the existence of various speculative accounts surrounding the reasons behind their decision, yet emphasized that it was a unanimous choice. Furthermore, they earnestly appealed for the preservation of their privacy, both for themselves and their children and expressed their hope for the general understanding and respect of their wishes. 

Responsible And Nurturing Manner

Following their separation, Sophie has been residing separately from Joe and engaging in co-parenting their two daughters. She has been observed at the residence of her friend, Taylor Swift, in Manhattan. On September 25, an interim order was signed by both parties, stipulating that their children remain in New York. 

Recent reports suggest that they have commenced mediation proceedings in New York to assist in resolving their custody dispute. The presiding judge has also scheduled a trial date for January 2, about the custody of their daughters.