Rebecca Romijn - The Hunger For Fame
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The De Lima of Childhood

Born to a family with a sound academic background Rebecca was sharp, confident and a quick learner. She always had a strong family set up watching her back and supporting a child to strive through the challenges yet she had some unnatural obstacles to jump over. She was criticized regarding her short and sometimes the looks were under discussion too. Obviously this is never appreciated by any individual so was the case with Rebecca.

Optimistic Approach and Belief

The catch of this tragic childhood series is the reaction of Rebecca towards this criticism. The support of her family and confidence in her personality leads to a new version of Rebecca. She took this as a motivation and started working on her looks and personality with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. The efforts paid back and she managed to develop a charisma and that x-factor in herself.

Welcome to the World of Fashion

Welcome to the World of Fashion
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She was already in some jobs to fulfill her financial needs but it was the year 1991 when the fashion Industry opened its heart for Rebecca. The welcome was warm as the walk on the ramp led her to one of the top models. Rebecca was on covers of American, French, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Italian, Greek and so many more editions of numerous top magazines. The success story was not here to be stopped. She walked for Giorgio Armani, Sonia Rykiel, Anna Molinari, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss and so many more. Hosting was yet another unleashed talent of hers loved and appreciated by the number.

Bigger Avenue opened by the Fate

Bigger Avenue opened by the Fate
(Bigger Avenue opened by the Fate Image Credits: The Fan Carpet, Entertainment Weekly,

Knock! Knock! It was another huge opportunity knocking the fate of Rebecca. The enormous Film Industry had its eyes set on the fame and success of Rebecca. Industry was eagerly waiting for yet another big star to shine on the sky of this fraternity. As expected Rebecca paved her way very confidently and competently through the huge crowd of eager magicians to pick up their chunks. She has starred in the X-Men series, Rollerball, The Punisher, Godsend and multiple other blockbuster movies. She played the leading role in Ugly Betty, Pepper Dennis and a lot more TV series. The crux is that Rebecca came, she played and she won.

Incredible JOURNEY

Rebecca is a one star who has the heart to dive in the wide ocean with so many giant hungry species to grasp success. Apparently with nothing so special to showcase but the dreams were high and conviction, motivation, compassion and eagerness was consistent and unmatchable. Nothing could stop her from diving deep down that ocean and presenting herself just like the precious shining GEM. Her journey depicts the fact that she was born to conquer against all the odds.