(Tara Reid Discloses A Challenging Encounter While Participating In The Special Forces Television Show/

Tara Reid expressed that the filming of season 2 of Special Forces: World's Toughest Test was an incredibly intense and extraordinary experience. Speaking at the Project Angel Food Angel Awards, the 47-year-old

Days of OurLives alum stated that the show is renowned for being exceptionally challenging. 

Despite initially believing that she would never participate after watching the first season of the competitive reality series on Fox, Reid mentioned that the network managed to persuade her at the eleventh hour. Consequently, she acknowledged that she faced greater difficulties due to her lack of training than the other participants.

The actress has conveyed her determination

(The actress has conveyed her determination/

Following a prolonged confinement indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the SAG-AFTRA strike, the actress has expressed her decision to undertake a personal challenge. She states that she is currently in a mindset where she desires to pursue such an endeavour. 

The actress is scheduled to participate in a television program slated to debut on Fox on Monday. She further expounds that enduring an extended period of confinement within one's residence can potentially evoke sentiments of despair. Hence, engaging in a challenge of this magnitude presents a remarkable occasion for her to surmount such emotions.

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Promoting consciousness

(Promoting consciousness /ImageCredits:Closer)

She regards the experience as unforgettable and one that she would not retract despite the possibility of appearing irrational to viewers. "You gain a significant amount of self-awareness through the show, as well as insights into others and your inner strength," she continues. 

"Therefore, it is not solely a physical endeavour but also a mental one in various aspects. Nevertheless, I am genuinely content with my decision to participate." Other notable individuals showcasing their abilities on the program include Savannah Chrisley, aged 26, known for her appearance on Chrisley Knows Best, and Tom Sandoval, aged 40, a prominent figure from Vanderpump Rules.

The participants shall be fully immersed

(The participants shall be fully immersed /ImageCredits:Fox News)

As stated by Fox, the upcoming challenges in season 2 will encompass tasks such as the ice breaker drill, where participants will be submerged in a frozen lake, and the daring attempt to traverse a dangerous ravine atop a snowcapped mountain peak measuring 4700 ft. 

Additionally, they will face the daunting task of executing an "emergency escape out of a helicopter submerged deep in icy waters." The network assures viewers that the show will not involve voting or eliminations but focus solely on the contestants' survival ability.

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The most concerning occurrences

(The most concerning occurrences/ImageCredits:♫ Your Favorites Radio | All your favorite songs and artists)

Reid, who has recently disclosed her ongoing perception as a "party girl," expresses that one of the most alarming experiences she encountered during her participation involved being forcibly thrown into a frigid river. This occurrence was just one of the numerous challenges she had to endure. 

She further elaborates on the filming location in New Zealand's mountains, emphasising extreme cold. This aspect proved to be the most significant factor for nearly all individuals involved, as the intense cold rendered their cognitive abilities virtually incapacitated.

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