Tough It Was

Tough It Was
(Tough it was /Image Credits: 24 Heures)

Rihanna, born 1988 was an addition to an intellectual family which was already struggling for survival. The father was a drug addict adding more problems in the already rough sail of life. The financial issues not settled and the father not taking the responsibility eventually brought her to be a part of a broken family. This tension and stress hit the child too and she went through a painful diagnosis and treatment of a tumor. Though all the odds were there to challenge her, fate has planned something different for her baby.

Well Tackled Rihanna

She had fought so much: be it a mental or a physical fight against the stress and disease Rihanna has managed it all so well. Her love for music and her passion to make her stand out in this huge world played a vital role in her success. She brought her determination, confidence and motivation together and paved a strong track to run on for her win. She at the end was a winner. Her multiple skills and shades of performing art were acknowledged and applauded by the masses.

Variation Platter

Rihanna has so much under her sleeve to treat the audience. She stepped in the entertainment world as an emerging singer. Bringing so many hits to the table yet she added another flavor to her talent of singing by creating lyrics by herself. It was really a treat to hear Rihanna's music and lyrics parallel. Later when she had picked up a good chunk of hers from the music industry she was already on the run to present herself as a talented actress. This time she did it again. Her display on the big screen was taken with open heart and then her skills and love for acting brought her acknowledgement and appreciation all over the globe. Rihanna has set the stage for achieving yet another milestone: A business woman.

Success Following Her

Success Following Her
(Success following her /Image Credits: Business Insider)

The star was seen shining bright on the sky of the entertainment industry among the galaxy of other top stars. She not only earned fame but also gained a huge financial muscle for herself as well as the industry. She was now turned into a brand. Once she was after fame but now the tables have turned and the success is following this star. She delivered multiple business ventures: a renowned cosmetic brand Fenty Beauty and a fashion house Fenty under LVMH. All engaged in bringing high revenues along with high recognition.

All Good With A Multiple Crazy Moments

The sail for Rihanna was now a very smooth one with a cool breeze, warm sunlight, and refreshing sight but a number of surprising moments came in as rough tides in the sail. The star has other shades of her personality too which were revealed in different times throughout her career. Each shade took the followers by surprise and many times the feedback to the upcoming news was a mix of different opinions but eventually Rihanna came out as a winning celebrity.

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Weeding And Publicizing

Rihanna has been so familiar with this weed stuff since her childhood. Weeding was never a new idea to this soul. Her broken home was a result of her father taking marijuana. She carried this along with her and was never reluctant to share her pictures while taking weed on social media. She had a strong stance of showcasing what Rihanna is in real life. Celebrating 420 - The International celebration of weed was also publicized.

Nudity Bringing Her Down

The bold and beautiful came into play when Rihanna was courageous enough to post her nude pictures on Instagram bringing so much criticism from the followers. In addition to this at various times her see through pictures were already the talk of the town. So this nudity eventually pulled her down from Instagram. But the star took Twitter as a pick for showing herself comfortable in her own skin.

BBHMM Video Goes Viral

BBHMM Video Goes Viral
( BBHMM Video Goes Viral /Image Credits: YouTube)

Another dark shade of Rihanna according to the critics was portrayed while shooting the music video Bit*h Better Have My Money. The torturing scenes and the murdering shots in the video were rushed in with a lot of criticism. But the use of bad language, illegal drugs and nudity jumped in for her rescue and later this video was viral bringing in fame and finances for Rihanna. 

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