Rock Rebel Guiliana Amaral Made ‘The Voice’ History Like A Fearless Dio Cover
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Since Season 24 of ‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions is already near the corner, the judges were getting choosier on Tuesday and many participants who got a chance on the initial episodes were passed over. A 21-year-old rocker-chick contestant, Giuliana Amaral made a great impression and made ‘The Voice’ history. 

Giuliana appeared as splendid in spikes, leather, Cruella-streaked Dee Snider curls and fishnet sleeves, playing a spiderweb-formed bass guitar and performing the song of ‘Rainbow in the Dark’ by Dio, the first one at ‘The Voice’. 

Though, the American Idol participant covered ‘Holy Diver’ of Dio initially this year and was rejected, that turned more into a joke audition. Giuliana was damn series and she’d a shot at the dark once a new coach, Reba McEntire uncertainly reached her red button. Sadly, Giuliana was left by herself, probably like a rainbow in the dark.

Guiliana Will Be The Perfect Choice For ‘Rock Star: Supernova’

If judge Reba was replaced through this season and Blake Shelton remained on the panel, Giuliana have gotten a chance and would tuned in to do the Battle Rounds. If the Burnett Productions singing competition is there, Giuliana will be the ultimate choice for the show, ‘Rock Star: Supernova’. 

Though, her lyrics weren’t perfect, her performance at ‘The Voice’ was ferocious, fun and fearless. She is indeed a great in her element who fronted her Boston-based Meta Group called, Band, Inc. 

Judges Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan described that the ‘Rainbow in the Dark’ did not showcase sufficient vocal dynamics. 

Niall said, ‘It’d one level and one pitch of volume and it is a type of lived there’. However, the props to Giuliana gave it a try again. The almighty, late and great Ronnie James Dio isn’t a simple singer to emulate. 

There were auditioners on the show who were becoming more successful on Tuesday than the rockin'. Let’s take a glance at Dailypopmix.Com to explore those contestants from the below

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A 20-year-Old, Laura Williams: ‘Fingers Crossed’

A 20-year-Old, Laura Williams: ‘Fingers Crossed’
(A 20-year-old, Laura Williams: ‘Fingers Crossed’/Image Credits:NBC)

It was difficult to assume that this audition was the first and lasting gig through this sultry-yet-spunky gal, who was in a completely natural onstage. Gwen said, ‘I would have been thinking that you have written that song’. Gwen loved the vocal control, connectedness and character of Laura. Reba referred to Laura as a ‘prodigy’ by a ‘God-given gift’. 

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Team Niall labelled Laura as a longtime one-directional fan, hence her selection was no longer a surprise. John griped, ‘It remembers me about Nick Jonas who was on the show. He’d an indeed a pull by the generation of girls. He continued, ‘I am very sad that she is the Directioner and we have no opportunity against Niall through these girls.

A 50-year-Old, Ms Monet: ‘Higher Love

Ms Monet was the most seasoned contestant of this season and brings a wealth of experience as a background vocalist, having sung alongside renowned artists such as Huey Lewis, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Queen Latifah, and even on Gwen Stefani's holiday album. 

With an impressive 33-year career, she has showcased her talent across a diverse range of genres, making her a versatile and accomplished performer. However, despite her polished and dedicated version of the Steve Winwood hit, as noted by Reba, Ms. Monet's performance came across as somewhat generic. 

She requires a skilled coach to guide her, helping her carve out a distinct identity and find her rightful place within the music industry.

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A 34-year-Old, Jason Arcilla: ‘Dreams’

A 34-year-Old, Jason Arcilla: ‘Dreams’
(A 34-year-old, Jason Arcilla: ‘Dreams’/Image Credits:NBC)

Everyone on the panel thought this soulful, smoky voice that John explained as ‘gorgeous’, ‘welcoming’ and ‘rounded’ to belong to a female diva. Gwen was surprised once she spun around and she easily couldn’t get into her composure. 

Gwen followed through with Reba, whose curiosity was annoyed by the big reaction of Gwen. She did not have a game face at the show, though she was ‘two-sided’ since she blocked her with the new buddy, Reba. 

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Jason was admired by Team Gwen and by seeing Gwen’s background in ska, she was a good match for Jason whose initial love was reggae. She may have been wasting her Block on this person. Continue to read more at and explore the world horizon.