The Adam Project

Top 5 Ryan Reynolds Funniest Movies You Must Watch!
(The Adam Project/Image Credits:Escapist Magazine)

The Adam Project was Netflix's latest blockbuster that you can also stream it. This movie saw Ryan Reynolds play a smarmy time-traveler who shares some quippy banter with a younger version of himself as the two try to save the world. Then, he meets his comedic match in Walker Scobell, making for some hilarious scenes. While the quips within The Adam Project's script can become overbearing, Ryan Reynolds professionally manages to keep them enjoyable and even makes your heart swell with the film's emotional finale.

National Lampoon’s Van WIlder

Top 5 Ryan Reynolds Funniest Movies You Must Watch!
(National Lampoon’s Van WIlder/Image Credits:‎Apple Music)

In this movie, Ryan Reynolds played the main character. He debuted his comedic role as Van Wilder, when everything fans adore about his comedic style and approach stems from his breakout role as the man on campus in National Lampoon's Van Wilder. It was the prototypical performance that defined his career from the start. His smarmy yet charming attitude as Van Wilder is where most longtime fans first fell in love with his comedic approach, and many still find it one of his best performances. You can stream it onAmazon Prime.

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Top 5 Ryan Reynolds Funniest Movies You Must Watch!
(Deadpool/Image Credits:Hotstar)

Again, Ryan Reynold played the main character in a movie. Deadpool has become the defining role for him with the immense amount of heart he displayed in bringing one of comics' most iconic characters to life. Actually, fans have continually admired his commitment to the role, and he has single-handedly created one of the best comic book performances of all time in this film and its R-rated sequel. He was born to portray Deadpool, and he does it all from delivering hilarious meta-references to spouting profanity-ridden rants. You can stream it on Disney+ Hotstar.

Free Guy

Top 5 Ryan Reynolds Funniest Movies You Must Watch!
(FreeGuy/Image Credits:‎Prime Video: Free Guy)

In this movie, Ryan Reynolds played as a video game NPC, named Guy, who has suddenly realized his potential to become something more than just a background character. He makes Guy an easily lovable underdog hero whose discovery of this whole new world around him makes his sense of innocence and good-heartedness incredibly funny to see played around with by Reynolds in Free Guy. He was very successful delivering one of his funniest performances to date. You can stream it on Disney+ Hotstar.

The Hitman's Bodyguard

Top 5 Ryan Reynolds Funniest Movies You Must Watch!
(The Hitman's Bodyguard/Image Credits:‎Prime Video: YouTube)

In the next movie, Ryan Reynolds does fabulous acting with his partner. Never has seen Ryan Reynolds found such a perfect comedic partner as he did with Samuel L. Jackson for The Hitman's Bodyguard movies. This action-comedy movie followed the story of redemption-seeking bodyguard, named Michael Bryce, played by Ryan Reynolds, who excellently acts as a great foil to Samuel L. Jackson's more brutish Darius Kincaid, and the two have fantastic chemistry on-screen. It was hilarious to see Ryan Reynolds's button-up persona be cut down and torn up through two action-packed films full of hilarity. You can stream it on Amazon Prime.

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