Usher Engages In A Lively Dance Routine Alongside His Four Children In An Entertaining And Captivating New Video
(Usher Engages In A Lively Dance Routine Alongside His Four Children In An Entertaining And Captivating New Video/ Image Credits: Mbare Times)

Usher, the renowned R&B artist at 44, recently posted a heartwarming video on TikTok. In the video, he skillfully demonstrates his dance move alongside his four children: Usher Cinco V (15 years old), Naviyd Ely (14 years old), Sovereign Bo (2 years old), and Sire Castrello (1 year old). Get exciting updates from

Usher has conveyed their observations

Sovereign Bo and Sire Castrello are Usher's children with his girlfriend, Jenn Goicoechea, while Usher V and Naviyd Ely are his children from his previous Marriage to Tameka Foster. In the video, Usher and his children are seen standing close to each other, joyfully dancing to the rhythm of Wassup Gwayy by FamousSally & YB. 

Usher captioned the video with When they ask you to bring your kids to work... at the top and Our honest reaction at the bottom. The video clip has currently amassed over one million views, and numerous admirers of Usher have expressed their observations in the comments section, highlighting the remarkable growth of his children and their resemblance to their father. 

The prodigious development of his offspring

A TikTok user remarked, The striking resemblance of all the children to their father is truly astounding. Another individual added, The boys have grown so tall. May God bless your offspring! In June, Usher provided another glimpse into his family life by posting pictures with his children on Instagram to commemorate Father's Day. 

Retain possession of them while it is still possible, my friend BIGS & littles, he inscribed adjacent to the personal Photographs. During his appearance on the Tamron Hall Show in November, he divulged his approach to allocating time for his offspring amidst his hectic itinerary, citing dedication as the key factor. 

Uninterested in allocating time

My younger children, aged 1 and 2, reside in Las Vegas. In contrast, my two sons have displayed a certain level of disinterest in spending time with me, which I find rather intriguing. Usher's Las Vegas residency commenced at the esteemed Colosseum in Caesars Palace in July 2021. 

Subsequently, owing to overwhelming demand, the show has been extended twice and concluded its most recent run in July. New performances have already been scheduled for October. 

Usher conveyed his profound admiration

Usher conveyed his profound admiration
(Usher conveyed his profound admiration/ Image Credits:Planet Radio)

In August, Usher expressed his admiration for the refined ambience of the residency while speaking. The devoted fans willingly embark on journeys, meticulously select impeccable attire, and eagerly present themselves. They experience a sense of joy, deriving immense pleasure from performing and singing along to these familiar songs. 

These songs have attained chart-topper status and hold significant meaning for the fans. They have either contributed to their ascent to the pinnacle of success or have resonated with their personal experiences of heartbreak and anguish.