2020, When Adele Showcased Her Charm

2020, When Adele Showcased Her Charm
(2020, When Adele Showcased Her Charm/ImageCredits: Business Insider)

The famous singer, known for her hit song "Hello " showcased her look and signature charm while enjoying a vacation, with Brits Harry Styles and James Corden during the week before and after New Years. Fans couldn't. Notice the weight loss she achieved.

During a chance encounter at a restaurant in Anguilla, old fan Lexi Larson shared that Adele looked so different that they barely recognized her. According to Larson Adele mentioned losing around 100 lbs. Describing it as an experience.

A trusted source revealed in this week's issue of PEOPLE Magazine ( in 2020) that Adele has been following a diet and fitness routine, including cross training and full body Pilates. Her motivation behind this lifestyle change is not solely focused on her appearance; it extends to something meaningful. Adele wanted to reach a point where she felt better about herself overall. She also aimed to prioritize her well being as a mother for the sake of her 7 year son Angelo whom she shares with ex partner Simon Konecki.

This Transformation signifies more than a change; it represents Adele's commitment to becoming the healthiest version of herself both physically and emotionally. "Throughout her weight loss journey her main emphasis has truly been on improving her health and taking care of her body " the source explains. "It was never about shedding pounds. Her weight loss naturally occurred as a result of reducing alcohol consumption and incorporating whole foods into her diet. However she has also developed an appreciation for the changes in her physical appearance."

"She appears self assured, has a style of dressing and overall exudes a greater sense of happiness."

As Adele prepares to unveil music in 2020 insiders reveal that she is "thrilled and optimistic, about what lies."

She's undergone a transformation while retaining her sense of humor " the insiders add. "She cherishes her friendships. Radiates confidence.

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To Promote Her Music: Her Transformation 

To Promote Her Music: Her Transformation 
(To Promote Her Music: Her Transformation /ImageCredits: Hollywood Life)

In September 2021 multiple sources informed PEOPLE that Adele is gearing up to release music sooner than later.

"Mentally and physically she is preparing herself to promote music. It seems like it will happen this year " shared a source. "She has described the year as challenging and creating music has been therapeutic for her. You can sense she is eager to share with her fans."

Another industry insider chimed in; "Her life is busier now but its more well rounded than before. Being an artist brings her fulfillment. Releasing music still holds significance, for her; it makes her feel alive and content."

Adele acknowledges that her weight loss caused a sensation worldwide. She dislikes how it triggered much anger.

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She Got Hurt By Comments On Her Weight Loss 

She Got Hurt By Comments On Her Weight Loss 
(She Got Hurt By Comments On Her Weight Loss /ImageCredits: Telangana Today)

The acclaimed singer, who has won 15 Grammy Awards began exercising three years ago not for the purpose of shedding pounds but to better manage her anxiety. In an interview with Abby Aguirre for American Vogue's November cover story she explained that working out became a sanctuary for her.

"When I engaged in weightlifting and circuit training sessions at Heart & Hustle a gym in West Hollywood it became my escape " she shared. "I realized that during those workout sessions my anxiety completely subsided. It was never about losing weight for me. I had this thought; if I could make my body physically strong and feel that strength first hand maybe someday I could also strengthen my emotions and mind."

In another interview with Giles Hattersley for British Vogue Adele admitted to becoming "quite addicted" to exercise. On days when anxiety's high she often engages in two or three workout sessions.

"I usually start with weights in the morning, " she revealed. "Then in the afternoon I either go on a hike. Do some boxing.. At night? That's when I focus on cardio."After sticking to that exercise routine for three years Adele has shed "100 lbs." However she made it clear to Hattersley that her focus was never on weight loss. It has always been about building strength and allowing herself ample time every day without being glued to her phone.

The singer of "Rolling in the Deep" acknowledged that fans were taken aback when she shared a full body photo, on Instagram in May 2020 revealing the results of her gym sessions. However she made it clear that she had no intention of documenting her fitness journey online.

"People are surprised because I didn't share my 'journey'. Nowadays everyone seems to document every aspect of their lives on Instagram and many people in my position would strike a deal with a diet brand. But honestly I couldn't care less  she expressed. "I did it for myself not to impress others. So why would I share it? I don't find it interesting or compelling. It's my body."

During her conversation with Aguirre Adele mentioned that discussions about her weight loss were nothing but upsetting.

My body has been objectified throughout my career, not now  she explained. I understand why it's surprising and why some women might feel hurt by it. In terms of appearance I represented women. However, at the core I am still the person.

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