Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Dep have been together since 1998. Although, they have known each other for more than 25 years. In 1998, they met while promoting their film. However, they had two children. The most admiring couple had never got the opportunity to work in the movie together.

How Did The Popular Stars Vanessa Paradis And Johnny Dep Meet?

How Did The Popular Stars Vanessa Paradis And Johnny Dep Meet?
(How Did The Popular Stars Vanessa Paradis And Johnny Dep Meet?/ Image Credits: StyleCaster, New Idea)

The Hollywood stars Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Dep met in 1998. He met Vanessa in France when he was filming the movie 'The Ninth Gate'. And Vanessa Paradis who was modelling. Johnny Dep fell in love with the gorgeous Vanessa and always gave beautiful compliments to her. However, since that day they started dating each other.

In 2007, the most beautiful couple in Hollywood was blessed with two children. They don’t get married. However, Vanessa wanted him to marry her but he also told her why he did not marry her. Johnny Dep admitted that if you love someone it is not necessary to get married. They have been together for 14 years and also welcomed their children together. Their children have given them the strongest place in life. However, they are the biggest strength of them.

Vanessa Paradis And Johnny Dep Bought The Whole Island

How Did The Popular Stars Vanessa Paradis And Johnny Dep Meet?
(How Did The Popular Stars Vanessa Paradis And Johnny Dep Meet?/ Image Credits: Page Six)

Look at the most beautiful and stunning island ever. In this picture, you can see the beauty of this private island which gives a peaceful environment to live in. Apart from this, the island also includes a house, two bedrooms, and a beach house.

In 2004, in the Bahamas, Johnny Dep purchased the beautiful private island named' Little Halls Pond Cay' which was out of the public eye. However, the island cost more than $3.5 million. They spent the whole Christmas season on that island with their kids. They had never seen the most pure and beautiful island before.

When he was in the Bahamas to shoot the films he was extremely in love with that place which made him buy that island. Johnny Dep acquired a 45-acre private island. However, the island was located in a very protected area 'Exuma Land and Sea Park'.

Their Beautiful And Stunning Houses In France

Their Beautiful And Stunning Houses In France
(Their Beautiful And Stunning Houses In France / Image Credits: Homes & Gardens)

Have you wondered how much this beautiful house cost? If not, then we will let you know in this article.

The amazing Hollywood actor has bought the world’s best and stunning house in France. However, this house cost more than $63 million. In 2001, as a lover of Pirates of the Caribbean fame, he also bought the village there around 17 miles from the playground. However, to make the village more beautiful he renovated it. Hence, he spent around $10 million for the renovation.

Below the inside picture is given of the beautiful French village around $55 million. Most of the celebrities spotted in the house. However, he is the owner of many houses and he also has a collection of houses in Los Angeles. Moreover, it also has a private island in the Bahamas which you can see in the picture.

Johnny Dep, a fantastic singer, has five houses in Los Angeles. He also purchased two more islands. However, Johnny also has five neighbouring houses which cost $19 million. This is the picture that describes the beauty of the island. This is the picture of the inside village.

When Did Johnny Dep And Vanessa Pardis Break Up?

Johnny Dep and Vanessa Pardis break up after 14 years of relationship. The beautiful couple did not marry but loved each other most. Johnny Dep also supported her financially after the breakup. He also takes the responsibility of his children financially.

Despite this, Johnny Dep also gave $150 million to Vanessa Pardis. However, in 2012 they announced the news of the breakup. Hence, they spent priceless time together. After the breakup, Vanessa Pardis also supported Johnny Dep against the abuse allegations because she had known him for many years and lived with him for 14 years.

Thus, Johnny Dep and Vanessa Pardis still respect each other. They had the best time together but this is their own decision of breakup. They are not comfortable talking about their issues on television. In this article, we have discussed the collection of his houses and their journey.