Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz's impending nuptials have been verified by various sources. The couple, who were first romantically connected in 2021, have recently become engaged. During a Halloween party, the pair were captured in photographs, with Kravitz dressed as Rosemary Woodhouse from the 1968 horror film "Rosemary's Baby." 

Notably, she appeared to proudly display her newly acquired engagement ring in the images. The actress who portrays Batman, aged 34, previously discussed her connection with Tatum, aged 43, in an exclusive interview for GQ's 2022 Men of the Year edition. 

To Guarantee A Seamless Operation

To guarantee a seamless operation
(To guarantee a seamless operation/ImageCredits:Page Six)

During the interview, she commended him as an exceptional individual. Kravitz shared that she and Tatum share a love for art and discussing its exploration, as well as breaking down films and challenging each other. 

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They met during the casting process of Kravitz's directorial debut Pussy Island, and Tatum became her guardian on set, taking care of her needs and ensuring everything ran smoothly. Last year, it was reported that the couple, who confirmed their relationship in the summer of 2021, were described as being "very happy" together, according to a source. 

The Relationship Is Not Informal

The relationship is not informal
(The relationship is not informal/ImageCredits:BuzzFeed)

Their careers hold great importance for both individuals, as confirmed by the insider. They possess a shared passion in this aspect. During their leisure hours, they opt for maintaining a discreet presence, relishing intimate gatherings with close acquaintances, or merely cherishing moments spent in each other's company within the confines of their abode. 

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Channing and Zoë's relationship has been established as non-casual, as confirmed by an insider, due to their long-standing exclusivity. Although Tatum did not comment on their romantic relationship, he praised Zoë's perfectionist nature in an interview with Variety in February of that year. 

Expressing Appreciation For The Film

Expressing appreciation for the film
(Expressing appreciation for the film/ImageCredits:Collider)

In his latest project, Pussy Island, Tatum plays the role of Slater, a philanthropist and tech mogul who takes Frida, a cocktail waitress, to his enigmatic private island. Kravitz expressed her gratitude for the movie that brought him into her life in a creatively collaborative way during her cover interview for WSJ. 

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Magazine's Fall 2022 Women's Fashion issue. According to her, creating something with someone is a sacred space, and when two people are compatible creatively, it often leads to the opening of other channels as they share all of themselves.