Adele Referred To Herself As Rich Paul's 'Wife' Following Her Previous Designation Of Him As Her 'Husband'
(Adele Referred To Herself As Rich Paul's 'Wife' Following Her Previous Designation Of Him As Her 'Husband'/Image Credits:NBC News)

During her residency at The Colosseum in Las Vegas over the weekend, the esteemed artist Adele referred to herself as the "wife" of Paul while on stage. This followed her earlier reference to him as her "husband" during this month's previous show. 

Amid an impromptu speech on sports, the 35-year-old Adele amusingly acknowledged her shortcomings as a spouse to her sports agent partner. She explained that she has tried to understand and appreciate American football despite its limited presence in her native England.

The information was disseminated among the attendees

"I have dedicated a significant amount of time to comprehend and enjoy American football, as I am a sports enthusiast. I genuinely enjoy watching sports," she shared with the audience, as captured in fan-recorded footage. She explained that in the United Kingdom, football is called soccer in the United States.

"I simply struggle to grasp the game's intricacies, and it can be quite frustrating considering I consider myself an intelligent individual," Adele continued. "Why is the whistle blown so frequently? Why is the measurement in yards? Why are there inches? Why does the game pause when it becomes thrilling?"

A profound affection towards the sport

Adele Referred To Herself As Rich Paul's 'Wife' Following Her Previous Designation Of Him As Her 'Husband'
(A profound affection towards the sport/Image Credits:People)

She expressed concern for the players' safety during the games, stating that it makes her nervous. She concluded her speech by acknowledging that she may not be the best wife in football despite her partner's deep love for the sport.

Earlier this month, Adele referred to Paul, aged 41, as her "husband" during a humorous exchange with a female audience member who inquired about possibly marrying the "Easy on Me" vocalist. According to a TikTok video of the moment, Adele responded by stating, "You cannot marry me. I am heterosexual, my dear, and my spouse is present this evening."

Observed in a public setting 

When the fan asked, "Can you try?" the Grammy winner jokingly replied, "No, I do not wish to try. I am with Rich. You are insane, please leave me alone." Adele and the sports agent, whose roster includes LeBron James and Anthony Davis, were first seen together publicly on July 17, 2021, when they sat courtside during Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Last month, the "I Drink Wine" singer disclosed that she would like to have another child, per fan videos posted on TikTok. After a pregnant audience member requested assistance selecting a name for her future daughter, Adele stated, "I truly desire to be a mother again soon."

Making arrangements for a forthcoming addition

Adele Referred To Herself As Rich Paul's 'Wife' Following Her Previous Designation Of Him As Her 'Husband'
(Making arrangements for a forthcoming addition/Image Credits:Page Six)

The singer, who has a 10-year-old son named Angelo with her former husband Simon Konecki, has expressed her intention to expand her family. Adele stated that she has already begun preparing for a new addition by saving potential names on her mobile device. "I have been compiling lists," she further explained. 

Adele has previously discussed her desire to give Angelo a sibling. In an interview with Elle in 2022, she stated, "I definitely want more children. I am a homemaker and a matriarch, and having a stable life greatly aids me in my music."

New strategy with his team

However, she acknowledged that the timing could be better at the moment. "At present, my mind is solely focused on Vegas. I am determined to excel," she asserted. During a June 2022 interview, her partner Paul discussed possibly having "additional children." 

Paul, who already has three children, reflected on how the experience might differ now that he is older. "As a young father, juggling the responsibilities of growing a business was quite challenging," he shared with the outlet, referring to his sports agency.