Sophia Bush: Divorce From Grant Hughes 

Sophia Bush: Divorce From Grant Hughes 
(Sophia Bush: Divorce From Grant Hughe/Image Credits:Us Weekly)

Sophia Bush is embarking on a start in her life. Following her separation from husband Grant Hughes, the 41 year old actress has found companionship with professional soccer player Ashlyn Harris. Exclusive sources reveal that after years of friendship and shared social circles Sophia and Ashlyn recently went on their dinner date. Both are excited about starting chapters in their lives.

Sophia Bush is now romantically involved with former USWNT soccer player Ashlyn Harris, who is also going through a separation from her wife Ali Krieger as reported by various sources.

This news of their blossoming romance comes two months after reports emerged that Bush had filed for divorce from Hughes to bring an end to their 13-month marriage.

In response, Hughes stated June 27 as their separation date. Cited differences as the reason for their breakup. He requested the court not to grant support to either party and for each person to cover their attorney's fees.

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Ashlyn Harris’s Separation From Husband Krieger

Ashlyn Harris’s Separation From Husband Krieger
(Ashlyn Harris’s Separation From Husband Krieger /Image Credits:GO Magazine)

Harris, aged 37 took the initiative in September to file for divorce, from her soccer star husband Krieger aged 39. They have two children Sloane, who's 2 years old, and Ocean, who is 14 months old. This legal step comes after four years after their wedding, in Miami which was attended by many celebrities.

According to an insider, it's not breaking news that Ashlyn and Ali have been going through a divorce for a month now and they have been living separately since the summer. The insider also mentioned that there isn't any story behind Bush and Harris getting together recently although the public might be hoping for one. Representatives for Bush and Harris have not yet responded to comment requests.

Back in August, PEOPLE confirmed exclusively that Bush and Hughes who were married for 13 months decided to separate. At the time a source close to the couple stated that Sophia and Grant had been friends for a decade and found ground during the COVID pandemic by engaging in community service. They still run their organization together. Remain, good friends.

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Harris And Sophia: Started Dating 

Harris And Sophia: Started Dating 
(Harris And Sophia: Started Dating/Image

Over the months Bush and Harris have crossed paths multiple times. In June they were part of a panel discussion at the Cannes Lions advertising festival alongside beverage executive Sophie Ann Kelly. Bush even posted a photo of the lineup on her Instagram with a caption expressing love, towards Ashlyn Harris and Sophie Ann Kelly.

Furthermore, in July they attended a Peacock watch party for the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup before attending Kallmeyer’s New York Fashion Week show in September.

Recently people spotted the actress and athlete spending time together, in Instagram photos shared by Canadian soccer player Selenia Iacchelli. The pictures, posted on October 10th show Bush and Harris having a time with Merritt Mathias and Kari Fleischauer, from Angel City FC all of them wearing smiles.

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Harris Professional Life 

Harris Professional Life 
(Harris Professional Life/Image Credits:Florida Today)

Harris was born on October 19 1985 in Satellite Beach, Florida. She has a brother named Chris. They were quite active together enjoying activities, like skateboarding and surfing.

Renowned for her sense of fashion she played soccer with the boys team until the age of 14. Achieved remarkable success during her high school years. She played a role in helping her high school team secure state championship titles in both 2002 and 2003. After completing her year Soccer America recognized her as the nation's recruit.

Throughout her youth and young adulthood, Harris has been open about facing challenges with depression and addiction. She has become an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community. Has raised awareness about sexism experienced by athletes as well as inequality issues.

Harris specialized as a goalkeeper. Began playing in 2010 after graduating from the University of North Carolina Tar Heels. Her professional career started in the Women's Professional Soccer League. Faced suspension in 2012 due to financial difficulties.

In 2012 she had a stint with FCR 2001 Duisburg before joining the established National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) in 2013. Harris represented the Washington Spirit during this time before moving on to play for the Orlando Pride from 2016, to 2021. Eventually, she concluded her career by joining NJ/NY Gotham FC in 2022.

After completing 12 seasons she decided to retire in 2022. As an achievement she became the NWSL player to reach 500 saves and also holds the distinction of being a two time World Cup winner.