Ashton Kutcher's Most Popular Pranks - The Stories You Never Heard!
(Ashton Kutcher's Most Popular Pranks - The Stories You Never Heard! /Image Credits: BuzzFeed)

The show premiered on MTV back in 2003. Featured Kutcher orchestrating pranks on various famous individuals. Some memorable reactions came from stars like Justin Timberlake and Elijah Wood who showed emotions when they fell victim to the pranks. Other notable names targeted by Kutcher include Beyoncé, Hugh Jackman, Justin Bieber, Zoe Saldana, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Rihanna, John Cena and Lindsay Lohan.

According to Kutcher himself no one he pranked held a grudge against him over the incidents. However he did mention that there were celebrities who weren't happy at the time and didn't want their pranks to be aired. Though it was mainly comedians who seemed less amused by the whole thing. You would think that being funny themselves would make them more receptive to jokes and pranks but apparently not in this case.He further explains, Eventually we decided to stop featuring comedians because their reactions became predictable. We would say, Come on, it was funny!. They would just be, like Ah!

Punk'd has recently made a comeback with episodes available for streaming, on The Roku Channel. The new host is Chance the Rapper. He has successfully pranked celebrities in this revamped version.

When Taylor Swift believed she had caused a disruption at a wedding

There was a prank orchestrated by Justin Bieber and his friends involving Taylor Swift. They invited her to a beach house to hang out and showcased what they claimed were  fireworks. Unfortunately these fireworks created an explosion, in the sky causing a nearby boat to catch fire. The wedding party aboard the boat had to swim 

What made this prank truly memorable were Taylor Swift's reactions. She was immediately concerned about the situation. Wanted to call the police as she couldn't bear the thought of someone's day being ruined. She even went on to provide comfort and support to the bride. However when Justin Bieber revealed that it was all a joke (in reference to his show Punk'd) Swift burst into laughter exclaiming You're the worst!. Playfully hugged him.

When Zach Braff found himself in an altercation with a youngster

Zach Braff casually decided to grab some drinks from a gas station in the company of his close friend and fellow actor Donald Faison. Little did they know that Ashton Kutcher and Faison had planned something for them. As they were at the gas station some young kids approached Braff and Faison asking if they could buy them beer. Both actors declined their request politely. Ended up engaging in an exchange of words with these youngsters. To their surprise while inside the gas station one of these kids decided it would be amusing to spray paint Braff's car. The best part of this prank is when Braff playfully makes remarks to the parking lot security officer jokingly praising their job in monitoring the area. It's absolutely adorable how he playfully tackles Faison when they unveil the prank expressing disbelief by saying, I can't believe I almost ended up fighting a five year old on television!

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When Kanye West Fell, for the Prank

Ashton Kutcher had quite a workout trying to convince Kanye West that he had fallen victim to a prank in this incident. He orchestrated a ruse by having a fake security personnel inform Kanye that his music video shoot required a permit and would be shut down. Initially Kanye appeared devastated.

Then something ignited within Yeezy. He became furious when the security person demanded the tapes of what they had already filmed. Kanye swiftly reached for the tapes. Made an escape with them even hopping into a van for a quick getaway. The whole situation played out like an episode of Cops . The image of Kutcher sprinting alongside Kanye's van is truly unforgettable.

When Miley Cyrus Pranked Justin Bieber

Ashton Kutcher's Most Popular Pranks - The Stories You Never Heard!
( When Miley Cyrus Pranked Justin Bieber /Image Credits: Daily Mail)

Miley Cyrus meticulously planned a prank for her friend Justin Bieber. However unbeknownst to her Bieber was fully aware of the prank from the start turning this into an instance of Punk'd inception. Cyrus arranged for some actor skateboarders to approach Bieber and cause a commotion by claiming he had parked close to them.

What she didn't anticipate was Bieber engaging in an altercation with the actors even repeatedly kicking one while they were on the ground.Believing that her prank had gone awry Cyrus quickly exited the trailer. Began searching for Bieber. To her surprise Bieber emerged from behind the scenes with a shout confidently declaring, You can't pull a prank on me! I'm immune to pranks! It was a deviation from the format of the show.

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