Bad Bunny's Top 20 Chart-Topping Hits A Countdown
(Bad Bunny's Top 20 Chart-Topping Hits A Countdown Image Credits: Cosmopolitan)

Bad Bunny is an extraordinary star, we know. Though figuring out the best 20 Bad Bunny songs is a formidable chore, we have come up with the trick. Delve into his miraculous songs list at and learn his gripping story immediately.

2022 was the Bad Bunny's year, and 'Un Verano Sin Ti' was his blockbuster release that stayed at the No.1 position on 'The Billboard 200 album outline. It is the very first time this act was recorded into the Spanish Year of Top Artist and non-English Language set as the greatest album for the year.

With the release of Bad Bunny's debut album, named 'X100PRE' in 2018, which cemented him into a reggaeton and bona fide trap artist, EI Conejo Malo, kept fans and followers on the edge of their seats since Bunny cleft out with experimenting with other sounds like mambo, dembow, rock-alternative and indie-pop.

Bunny's ability to waver between genres on a single song at all times makes him one of the most intriguing artists nowadays. The 28-year-old Grammy-winning musician, five albums later, has an extensive range of songs that explain a new generation, creating new anthems like the club-ready, empowering 'Yo Perreo Sola,' feel-good track 'Estamos Bien' and topmost hit 'Dakiti.'

These three out of 20 songs round the Best Bad Bunny list of songs on the Billboard. Let's unveil his famous 20 songs from 'Mia,' the Drake-assisted to 'La Romana,' 'Maldita Pobreza,' and 'Safaera,' which stole millions of hearts and guaranteed a prestigious award.

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1. La Romana

La Romana
(La Romana Image Credits: Remezcla)

This track is a fusion of trap and dembow, was way ahead of its time, and helped catapult a trend that combines classic bachata rhythms and guitars, transitioning into an explosion of dembow.

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2. Yo Perreo Sola

Yo Perreo Sola
(Yo Perreo Sola Image Credits: YouTube)

Yo Perreo Sola is a reggaeton anthem empowering independent women who like to dance alone at the club. It's part of Bad Bunny's chart-topping YHLQMDLG album, and the title translates to I twerk alone.

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3. Solo De Mi

Solo De Mi
(Solo De Mi Image Credits: Radio La Zona)

'Solo De Mi' is a catchy trap and mid-tempo song with influencing lyrics on domestic violence and gender-based that discovers your self-love and robust strength. The Chorus said, 'Do not call me baby no more, I am not yours and belong to myself.' This musical video portrays a Venezuelan actress called 'Laura Chimaras,' showing a female beaten and overcome by a toxic relationship.

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4. Safaera

(Safaera Image Credits: APKPure)

Bad Bunny showcases his old-school reggaetón roots on the track "Safaera," featuring guest artists Jowell & Randy and Ñengo Flow. The song, produced by Tainy and DJ Orma, makes for an ultimate reggaetón dance banger thanks to its contagious beats, including Missy Elliott's infamous riff from Get Your Freak On.

5. Dakiti

(Dakiti Image Credits: Billboard)

The genre-based reggaeton track 'Dakiti' has made history on 'Billboard by becoming the first Latin hit song to instantaneously top both the Billboard Global Exclusive U.S. charts and the Billboard Global 200. The club-ready and futuristic track is a part of the Bunny's album, 'El Ultimo tour del Mundo.'

6. La Dificil

La Dificil
(La Dificil Image Credits: Vogue)

Included in the YHLQMDLG album, La Difícil is the first reggaetón song you'll hear when listening from top to bottom. Its hypnotic beat makes it hard to skip, while its lyrics about an independent woman with an i-do-what-I-want attitude make it a quintessential Bad Bunny track.

7. Caro

(Caro Image Credits: DJcity News)

In the initial days of Bad Bunny, he penned a song for those questioned on the fashion-forward style sense, including the painted nails. The thrilling music of 'Caro' shuts the haters and reminds every person that has a rule-breaker, unique and flow become expensive.

8. Chamber

(Chamber Image Credits: Videoclip y Letra)

Bad Bunny's trap era, marked by different beats, producers, and another flow, saw the early beginnings of his success. The track Chambea was a force, serving as the soundtrack for the Bunny trap movement.

9. Maldita Pobreza

Maldita Pobreza
(Maldita Pobreza Image Credits: YouTube)

Bad Bunny's El Último Tour del Mundo album, Maldita Pobreza, which has a late '80s/early '90s rock-en-español vibe, proves that the artist is unafraid to experiment with different sounds and tap into different genres.

10. Yonaguni

(Yonaguni Image Credits: Esquire)

Younaguni brings a mix of chill reggaeton beats and vulnerable emo lyrics into the life of every folk. Being named after an island in Japan, Bad Bunny sang a song about overcoming a breakup and missing a person who was special no matter how tough he tried.

11. Trellis

(Trellis Image Credits: YouTube)

Trellas, the guitar-led and chill track from Bad Bunny's El Último Tour del Mundo album, is perhaps the most laid-back song on the record. It's a step out of his comfort zone and draws inspiration from the Spanish rock/alternative realm, resulting in an otherworldly tune that's certainly unique in his catalog.

12. Estamos Bien

Estamos Bien
(Estamos Bien Image Credits: YouTube)

Being tucked down on the debut album of 'X100PRE', 'Estamos Bien' is a must-listen and a feel-good track song. This track relates to the journey of Bad Bunny at the top and appeals to the fans to get to know what he is doing will be fine. Bunny sings, 'Do not worry, we are doing well for all.'

13. Amorfoda

(Amorfoda Image Credits: Billboard)

While singing to a piano melody, Bad Bunny expresses his emotional frustration in Yonaguni about not wanting to fall in love again. Through his lyrics, the singer wants to get a clear F- love message across for all the broken hearts out there.

14. Despues de la Playa

Despues de la Playa
(Despues de la Playa Image Credits: Billboard)

A minute right away, Bad Bunny sang a psychedelic and slow bear on being adventurous and crafting plans to spend a day on a beach. Then, the transitions of 'Despues de la Playa' into a mambo flaunted more of his artistic versatility.

15. La Cancion

La Cancion
(La Cancion Image Credits: UMOMAG)

La Cancion, translated to The Song, from the 2019 album Oasis, which Bad Bunny and J Balvin collaborated on, is an essential track. The simple title and easy-to-remember message hold a deeper meaning as the pair reminisce on good times with their ex when the song starts playing.

16. Andrea

(Andrea Image Credits: YouTube)

The track 'Andrea' is a melancholy trip that kicked off through the warm and soothing vocals of Raquel, who met with the profound lyrics of Bad Bunny, representing the ability of a female who solely wants to be respected, free, and loved in her unapologetic manner.

17. Bendiciones

(Bendiciones Image Credits: YouTube,

Bendiciones, from Bad Bunny's album Las Que No Iban a Salir, was a much-needed blessing in the middle of 2020. The singer expresses his gratitude in the track by singing Blessings to all and offering well-wishes for "health and life to everyone." It's a testament to Bad Bunny's generosity and kind-hearted outlook on life.

18. Mia

(Mia Image Credits: Entertainment Tonight)

We will take Drake into singing 'espanol' at any time when he is doing the practice with Bad Bunny. The duo collaborated on the ultra-romantic song, 'Mia,' for the first time in 2018. This song stayed at the top position on Hot Latin Songs Billboard.

19. Booker T

Booker T
(Booker T Image Credits:Rolling Stone India)

Bad Bunny paid tribute to Ric Flair by naming his trap song after the former professional wrestler and WCW champion, highlighting his success and achievements like being named ‘Composer of the Year,’ receiving major awards, and breaking down many records with his musical tuning, and a lot more.

20. Me Porto Bonito

Me Porto Bonito
(Me Porto Bonito Image Credits: El Tiempo Latino)

Bunny and Chench Corleone's voices merge to give Me Porto Bonito, a song about an elite girl with no limits. A mix of old-school and modern perreo makes it a potential fan favorite celebrating women's confidence and independence.