Bridget Moynahan's Secrets To A Healthy Lifestyle
(Bridget Moynahan's Secrets To A Healthy Lifestyle /Image Credits:Outsider)

Since her break, Bridget Moynahan has maintained a healthy lifestyle and have remained as lovely as she was since her first appearance in Hollywood. For Moynahan, being healthy starts and ends with basics. “I know everybody would love to hear about a secret pill or great cleanse,” she said. “It’s just going back to what we were taught in school eating and working out.” Here are some tips the actress have dropped over the years.

1. Take some time to play

Bridget Moynahan's Secrets To A Healthy Lifestyle
(Take some time to play/Image Credits:The SportsRush)

According to Moynahan playing a sports or two is one way to always stay in shape. She mentioned that she has been playing team sports and spent her summers at tennis and basketball sports camps. 

She believes it’s vital to begin healthy life habits as early as possible.”You’ll carry skills with you that will help you socially or even with work,” she attested. “You can go anywhere in the world and pick something up — waterskiing, skiing, surfing … you just adapt.”

As Moynahan suggests, when you play  team sports you get easily relaxed and can burn out pent up energy. It also helps you to   develop leadership abilities, social skills, communal respect and a healthy sense of purpose.

2. Take Rest

Moynahan also said another secret remedy, which she usually does alone in her bedroom is napping. 

“I like to nap,” she confessed. “I think that’s a really good health habit. Rest really helps you in many ways.”

20- to 30-minute nap improves your mental clarity and helps you to boosts productivity and minimizes mess-ups.

3. Eat Healthy

Bridget Moynahan's Secrets To A Healthy Lifestyle
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As simple as it seems, you’ll be surprised how many people fail to eat healthy. According to Moynahan “if you’re treating yourself with respect and making a healthy lifestyle, it can only rub off on your children,” 

Moynahan always eat with her 11-year-old son Jack and teaches him to also eat healthy too by eating healthy. “I’m not going to sit here and eat fried Twinkies,” she said. “I’m not grazing in front of the fridge or snacking between meals because I don’t want him doing that.”

4. Be yourself

Bridget Moynahan's Secrets To A Healthy Lifestyle
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Another tip given by Moynahan to live healthy, is to be yourself. The more relaxed you are in your skin the more you’re going to be happy and live a healthy life both physicall and career wise.“I was sought out for a film role once, and I had to audition,” Moynahan told CBS. “I asked somebody in my acting class to help me with the part. Everything I thought to do naturally, he changed; he urged me to perform the role in a way that did not feel natural. I went with what he was suggesting, and I didn’t get the job. What I took away from that experience was that you have to trust yourself.”

5. Learn to be grateful 

Lastly the secret to become healthier is being grateful for everything you have got.

Moynahan gave this example when she happily stated that she was lucky to have a side job that paid well enough for her to live a comfortable life during her college days, unlike other common jobs other young student has, like waiting tables.