A-List Cameos On Friends: Surprising Celebrities Who Guest-Starred
(A-List Cameos On Friends: Surprising Celebrities Who Guest-Starred /Image Credits: Closer Weekly)

It was the biggest show of the nineties and noughties and the cultural phenomenon that was Friends first arrived on our screens 26 years ago today.

Following the lives of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe as the six pals naviagated life, love and everything in between with the Manhattan skyline as their backdrop was must-watch TVFriends turned the six actors into huge stars and they commanded $1million dollar salaries for the final two series of the hit show.And while the Friends' leads are all now huge stars in their own right, the show was so popular it had Hollywood A-listers queuing up to appear as guests.Here are the biggest star cameos you might not remember - and the intriguing stories behind their appearances.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese starred in a story arc that last for several episodes as Rachel's spoiled younger sister, Jill.She appeared in a bid to heal the strained relationship with her big sister but failed miserably by upsetting Rachel even more when she went on to date her ex-boyfriend, Ross.Reese and Jennifer are still extremely close pals and went on to win huge critcal acclaim when they appeared opposite each other in The Morning Show.She said she and Jen bonded immediately when the Marley and Me star proved to be a huge support when she was on set with her daughter.

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Brad Pitt

A-List Cameos On Friends: Surprising Celebrities Who Guest-Starred
(Brad Pitt /Image Credits: X)

Back in the day when we all believed Brad and Jen would be forever the Se7en star made a cameo appearance on Friends.However, despite being Jen's real life husband his character on the show, Will Colbert, wasn't such a big fan of Rachel Green.The One with the Rumor sees Will invited to Thanksgiving dinner by his old high school friend, Ross, and it seems the two men are hiding a secret about Rachel.Brad's performance was also slammed by St Petersburg Times journalist Eric Deggans who ranked him as one of the worst ever guest stars.

Danny Devito

Phoebe finally found her happy ending with boyfriend, Mike, but the Friends girls couldn't let their pal get married without one last chaos-filled night out.They booked a stripper for her hen party and who turned up but Danny Devito.Robin Williams and Billy CrystalThe late comic and fellow actor Billy Crystal were both known for their razor sharp wit and their appearance on Friends was no exception.The gang overheard Robin’s character telling Billy’s that he fears his wife is being unfaithful and their jaws dropped when Billy’s character admitted he’s the other man.Both quickly agreed and ad-libbed the majority of the conversation.

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Susan Sarandon

A-List Cameos On Friends: Surprising Celebrities Who Guest-Starred
(Susan Sarandon /Image Credits: The Hollywood Reporter)

Susan played one of Joey’s co-stars on Days of Our Lives with her character Jessica Lockhart renowned for throwing drinks and slaps.Matt was apparently nervous to be working with such a big star, but for Friends fan Susan, it was a dream come true.

Charlie Sheen

The former Two and a Half Men star played Ryan, a navy guy who Phoebe used to date.Ryan comes to New York for two weeks to enjoy some romantic time with Phoebe but the pair are both struck down with chicken pox.

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