Dancing With The Stars: 2 Rising Stars Steal The Show, And A Surprising Celeb Is Eliminated On Latin Night
(Dancing With The Stars: 2 Rising Stars Steal The Show/ImageCredits:Talent Recap)

Dancing with the Stars has brought the heat outline for the Latin Night. A night episode on Tuesday kicked off a red-hot dance through the pros before the co-hosts Alfonso Riberio and Julianne Hough took the stage to announce the celebs and their partners. 

On introducing Bachelorette star, Charity Lawson and Artem Chigvintsev, Alfonso and Julianne declared that Artem couldn’t dance tonight because of suffering from a positive COVID diagnosis that the pro-dancer disclosed initially on Tuesday. In his place, Ezra Sosa will be competing with the Charity. After that, the dancers kicked off to a start.

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Brandon Armstrong and Lele Pons 

Brandon Armstrong and Lele Pons 
(Brandon Armstrong and Lele Pons /ImageCredits: HOLA)

Lele, from Venezuela, invited Brandon to Miami this week to give him a taste of "how we party with my family and friends." The vibrant atmosphere of Miami served as the perfect backdrop as they practised their Samba routine to "Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee. Lele shared that this song held a special place in her heart, being one of her favourites, and a track she had danced to multiple times on her social media platforms. 

On taking the ballroom floor, the judge of Derek Hough called their performance ‘spicy’ and labelled that Lele was ‘rocking at those hips’. He added that the flair was there and it was a great way to begin the Latin Night. 

They were scored 21 out of 30.

Jenna Johnson and Tyson Beckford 

Jenna Johnson and Tyson Beckford 
(Jenna Johnson and Tyson Beckford /ImageCredits: Soaps.com - SheKnows)

Tyson said that it felt good to be saved by America in the last week when he ended within the bottom three. It was admitted how ‘hurt’ it was and he knew that he could do it better. The supermodel was determined to prove himself as he was a successor of ‘Latin blood’ and his grandfather had worked over the Panama Canal. 

He highlighted, ‘I need to represent on my Latin roots’. His and Jenna’s dance was brimmed with lifts and flair and the judges appraised it. Bruno said, ‘You have worked really very hard and got the results. You rocked the dance floor and you were a fabulous partner to Jenna’. 

They were scored 18 out of 30. 

Peta Murgatroyd and Barry Williams 

Peta Murgatroyd and Barry Williams 
(Peta Murgatroyd and Barry Williams /ImageCredits: Entertainment Weekly

Barry has called the last week's dance as ‘so freeing’ though, he expressed worries about this week’s schedule being ‘very difficult’. Barry vowed to perform it better so Bruno called him ‘dirty and down Barry’. Adding to Barry's motivation was his recent birthday celebration on September 30th. Earning high scores in the competition, he expressed that it would be the ultimate "belated birthday gift," driving him to perform his best on the dance floor.

Carrie Ann applauded Barry for his "effortless, innate confidence," although she noted that she didn't find this performance "as impressive as the previous one." Her critique was met with disapproval from the audience, who expressed their disagreement with boos. 

Derek said that he loves to watch Barry and provided a tip on not to slip over the floor and hold his gripping. He added, ‘You’re such a pleasure to glance at keep doing what you are doing’. Bruno also said that ‘The Brady Brunch’ star was swaggering his stuff though, highlighting that it seemed as a different dancing style at all times. 

They were scored 15 out of 30.

Final Results

Final Results
(Final Results/ImageCredits:ew.com)

Alfonso disclosed that the first five duos who grabbed safe spots were Sasha and Alyson, Brandan and Lele, Jenna and Tyson, Harry and Rylee and Ezra and Charity. Julianne followed through the subsequent five safe duos, including Pasha and Ariana, Gleb and Mira, Daniella and Jason and Peta and Barry. 

This has left Jamie Lynn, Alan, Mauricio, Emma, Britt and Adrian, standing but Alfonso stated that they were not essentially in the bottom three. From there, Emma and Mauricio claimed for the next safe spot. 

In a tense moment, Jamie Lynn and Alan, along with Adrian and Britt, found themselves in the bottom two. The tension escalated as it was revealed that Jamie Lynn and Alan had the lowest scores, leading to their elimination from the competition.

Jamie Lynn expressed that the most remarkable aspect of competing on DWTS was, "Meeting everybody and engaging in something I never thought I'd do in my entire life’. Watch ‘Dancing with the Stars’ streamlines on Tuesdays on Disney+ and ABC at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET. Catch more insights from Dailypopmix.com and explore the horizon worldwide.