Watch It! Beyonce’s Renaissance Concert Movie Trailer Is Out Now!
(Watch It! Beyonce’s Renaissance Concert Movie Trailer Is Out Now! /Image Credits: NPR)

The movie Renaissance by Beyoncé will soon be released. The Break My Soul singer, whose tour ended in Kansas City on Sunday, unveiled the teaser for Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé. The project will have its cinematic debut on December 1.An official summary of the movie reads, It is about Beyoncé's intention, hard work, and involvement in every aspect of the production, her creative mind, and purpose to create her legacy, and master her craft. Beyoncé declares in the clip, I am nothing but free when I am performing. The creation of a space where everyone is free and unjudged was the aim of this journey.

The journey of Renaissance!

the route taken by the RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR, starting at its commencement and ending in Kansas City, Missouri. Beyoncé's goal, perseverance, engagement in every area of production, inventiveness, and determination to establish her legacy and become a master of her profession are all key factors.Beyoncé's remarkable performance during the Renaissance World Tour produced a haven for freedom, acceptance, and shared joy that was met with great acclaim by both international and American media. More than 2.7 million people from all around the world came to see Club Renaissance thanks to its maximalist staging. The Joy Parade, the historic dance extravaganza that honours everyone's right to be themselves locally, will now be enjoyed by millions of moviegoers.

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Don’t miss to watch the Trailer!

Watch It! Beyonce’s Renaissance Concert Movie Trailer Is Out Now!
(Don’t miss to watch the Trailer! /Image Credits: The Hollywood Reporter)

In the trailer, Beyonce can be seen strutting in a leather designer outfit to an oncoming helicopter while saying, My goal for this tour was to create a place where everyone is free... and no one is judged. Other shots show her sporting a surgical mask while appearing ill.In addition, husband Jay-Z makes a brief appearance, pumping his fist and grinning from the audience while the couple's twins, Rumi and Sir, and the elaborate stage show with its mind-blowing costumes and lighting effects are seen in the background. 

Wait is over!

Beyoncé's most successful tour to date is the Renaissance World Tour, with revenues predicted to surpass $550 million. Deadline reports that AMC is distributing the movie in collaboration with Beyoncé's production firm and record label, Parkwood Entertainment. Tickets for the movie, which cost $22, are already on sale. 

AMC will screen the Renaissance movie on the weekends (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) for at least four weeks, just as Taylor Swift's forthcoming Eras Tour concert film.The singer's film comes after her 2019 Netflix documentary Homecoming, which documented her 2018 Coachella headline performance. It also comes after her 2013 HBO film Life Is But a Dream, which was a live performance and video diary project, and her 2009 I Am... Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas.

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