A shock for fans

 Who Is Jim Carrey In Real Life? A Comedy Actor Or A Painter?
(A shock for fans/ImageCredits:Distractify)

Jim’s fans have noticed that Jim has been missing from movies since 2014. Later Jim released a video on vimeo sharing that he needed colors in his life. Fans were at shock to see his work. Jim shared that his new love and passion has helped him in healing his broken heart. Jim’s video takes his fans into a fantasy world as the short video shares his hidden secrets.

 Jim has ruled over the big screens for almost two decades. 55 years old Jim’s new remarkable talent has made the fans excited about his upcoming project. Keeping just one talent is not enough. It's good if you can sing, act, write, compose or perform more than one task.

 A studio in New York

 Who Is Jim Carrey In Real Life? A Comedy Actor Or A Painter?
(A studio in New York/ImageCredits:Artnet News)

Jim Carrey in his video was seen working on the canvas showing his exceptionally artistic work while a camera showcases his artwork of his far-fetched studio in New York. David Bushell directed and produced the video. The actor was seen painting, chiseling, and discussing how he developed his love for painting and arts.

 Paintings all around

 Who Is Jim Carrey In Real Life? A Comedy Actor Or A Painter?
( Paintings all around/ImageCredits:Artnet News)

Jim shared that he was so involved in painting when he started doing it that there was no place in his home that did not have any canvas. It will not be wrong to say that he was eating and devouring the paints as all he could see around were paintings. Jim added that his love for paintings takes him back to sad, lonely and depressed winter nights of New York city. He shared that his paintings also reveal his feelings, some are dark and most of them are bright just like his life.

 False accusations

Carey’s love for paintings also came to surface when his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White suicided back in 2015 and those were the darkest days of Jim’s life. He was completely devastated and shattered. Things got worse when Cathriona’s mother filed a lawsuit against Jim for giving drugs to her daughter that killed her. Jim denied false accusations made by her and his lawyers explained that Jim is innocent.

 Lebron tweeting his work

Jim emotionally shared how paintings are a source of his freedom. He finds relief in them that frees him from his past traumas. Basketball superstar Lebron James shared Jim’s work in his tweets that brought people’s attention towards Jim’s unbelievable abilities.

 His journey from sketching to painting

 Who Is Jim Carrey In Real Life? A Comedy Actor Or A Painter?
( His journey from sketching topainting/ImageCredits:Chicago Tribune,RadarOnline)

Jim shared that he started the work with sketching. It took him 6 years to divert his mind from sketching to painting. News reveals that it’s still unclear whether Jim has been in a relationship with actress Jenny McCarthy or still thinks about his ex-Cathriona.

Making impossible possible

It will not be wrong to say that Jim is not a legendary actor. Though it’s an actor’s job to turn himself in the character and be in the role but not all actors achieve this milestone. Jim is one of those actors who has tried to achieve impossible and has set prototypical talent to shift himself in the roles.

I love you Phillips Morris

 Who Is Jim Carrey In Real Life? A Comedy Actor Or A Painter?
( I love you Phillips Morris/ImageCredits: lupon.gov.ph | Daily Update)

Because of his impeccable talent Jim has done some of the most famous and blockbuster hit movies in the past. There is hardly any movie of Jim which has not done well on box office and according to critics Jim did not listen to his friend while signing those films. Such is the movie ‘I love you Phillips Morris’, where Jim has played role of a gay man. Despite many warning by his friend for not doing this movie he did what he wanted to do.

A story based on true events

When Jim was asked about his gay role, he said he does not care what people think about his negative characters and he is not scared of destructive reactions. He wants to send a message about pure love and that’s what maters to him. He shared that the story is based on true events thus it pushed him beyond his limits even though people who were close to him said some peculiar things about his role. Therefore, Jim has taken this challenge of doing inspiring movies to give exceptional performances and won his fans’ hearts.