The Best Disneyland Ride: How José Hernández Became The First Migrant Farm Worker To Land To Space?
(First Migrant Farm Worker To Land To Space/ImageCredits:The Seattle Times)

Thirty-seven years have passed since José Hernández saw the Apollo 17 moon being launched on a rickety television set. He became the first migrant Farm member to leave the atmosphere of Earth himself. 

A 61-year-old retired astronaut tells the sources on a week's issue, 'Think for a 10-year-old child who lived in the worst sections of Stockton, California, observing an old vacuum-tube-technique console television with grandma's essential knitting and rabbit-ear antenna on the bottom'. 

He recalled the pivotal, 'There is only me who kneeled through the black-and-white television and there is Gene Cernan who walked on the moon. It is cold December evening in the 1972 and that is what I wanted to land in'.

A New Movie Of 'A Million Miles Away', Starring 'Michael Pena' As José Hernández

A New Movie Of 'A Million Miles Away', Starring 'Michael Pena' As José Hernández
( A New Movie Of 'A Million Miles Away', Starring 'Michael Pena' As José Hernández/ImageCredits:Sportskeeda)

All thanks to the new film, featuring 'Michael Pena' as Hernández. Nobody could think about this moment. The movie 'A Million Miles Away' is airing in the theatres and streaming on Amazon Prime Video on September 15 for such an awesome biopic. 

The movie is based on the real story of 'José Hernández' ascent from an itinerant farmland in California to a Mexican immigrant for a NASA flight engineer on the 'Space Shuttle mission' of 2009 STS-128. 

Through the video call, seated ahead of the boldly blue uniform that he wore during the training of that mission, the Smurf suit from one of his daughters labelled the outfit. José Hernández disclosed the 'recipe to proceed' that his father, Salvador, offered him in 1972. He says, 'That evening, he completed two significant tasks: he instilled in me the belief that I could achieve it, and he engaged me in a thoughtful conversation where I can clarify my actions," he added.

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Hernández's Father Has Five Components Of Success

Hernández's Father Has Five Components Of Success
(Hernández's Father Has Five Components Of Success. /ImageCredits:People)

Hernández continued to say that his father has five components for success: 'fix your goal, draw a roadmap, identify how far are you from it, geared up for the upcoming challenges and work hard repeatedly. 

These ingredients pushed him to grasp English at 12, study electrical engineering at 'University of Pacific and University of California', create digital mammography imaging and start astronaut training at the Johnson Space Center of NASA in Houston, Texas, in 2001. 

Eleven rejections marked Hernández's journey to acceptance into the NASA space program before he triumphed on his 12th attempt. Reflecting on this experience, he has introduced a sixth element to the recipe: "I often advise people that you must possess the perseverance gene within you to persist, maintain self-belief, and continuously enhance yourself with each setback." Follow for more intriguing storylines.