The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Is Madcap, Charming And Extraordinary
(The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Is Madcap, Charming And Extraordinary/Image Credits:Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

As the name suggests, the season, ‘The Uncanny Counter’ is about workers who work at a noodle shop in the morning and at night they work as ‘Counters’. The season does not explain in detail why it is called counters but the only explanation that comes to mind is that the phrase counters is taken from the word ‘encounters.Together they work as a team to encounter the evil spirits who forage human souls. The story immaculately revolves around the background histories of the squad which makes it interesting by giving a superhero vibe. The season gives action packed crime-based visuals and fans are resembling it with another K drama ‘Taxi Driver’. The season also portrays supernatural elements which is a treat for the audience.If anyone who has loved watching the first season will surely be hooked up to the second season. Before you start watching it, let’s read about the characters and actors who have made it a huge success.

1. Kim Sejeong As Do Ha-na

Kim Sejeong As Do Ha-na
(Kim Sejeong As Do Ha-na/Image Credits:Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

Kim is already famous for her cheerful and positive roles she has played in Business Proposal and Today’s Webtoon but her role in this season shows his rough and tough side, making fans fall for her. She surely knows how to fight and her punches are loved by her fans. Her superpower is her ability to have a look at the memories of the person she touches. Not only this she can also erase the memories of a person with her single touch. How cool!

2. Jo Byung – Gyu As So Mun

Jo Byung – Gyu As So Mun
(Jo Byung – Gyu As So Mun/Image Credits:Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

Jo got fame through his roles in ‘Who are you: School 2015’ and ‘Sky Castle’. His record-breaking drama was based on sports ‘Hot Stove League’ that made him popular among his fans. Jo is the youngest member of the squad that’s why he is called ‘Maknae’. His super powers are that he can run with the speed of light and has the ability to sense danger by listening to any vibrant, colorful place which helps make his powers act strongly.

3. Yeom Hye – Ran As Mae – Ok

Yeom Hye – Ran As Mae – Ok
(Yeom Hye – Ran As Mae – Ok/Image Credits:Soompi)

Who is not the expert actress Yeom who has not only performed in cinema but also in theaters? She got popularity with ‘The uncanny counter’ season 1 and that drama helped her to walk on the ladder of success. She has played the role of a motherly character in the season and has healing abilities who is a chef gash counter.  

4. Kim Hieora As Gelly Choi

Kim Hieora As Gelly Choi
(Kim Hieora As Gelly Choi/Image Credits:South China Morning Post)

Let’s talk about some villains of the season. The first one is Kim who has graced a villainous character as Gelly Choi. She is the one who eats human souls. Her ability includes not only super speed but also accessing and erasing people’s memories.  

5. Kang Ki – Young As Hwang Pil – Gwang

Kang Ki – Young As Hwang Pil – Gwang
(Kang Ki – Young As Hwang Pil – Gwang/Image Credits:Pinkvilla)

Kang Ki has already been doing K dramas for a while now. His supporting characters in romantic dramas include ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’, ‘What’s wrong with secretary Kim’ and 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo’. His character as a demon in this season has given him the power to make use of his acting skills in a powerful way. He is the leader of demons who are fed from a counter with psychokinesis. Watching the evil spirits and demons growing gives chills and is thrilling to watch.

6. Yoo In – Soo As Na Jeok – Bong

Yoo In – Soo As Na Jeok – Bong
(Yoo In – Soo As Na Jeok – Bong/Image Credits:Pinkvilla)

Yoo has been appearing in almost every K drama. The actor who was seen performing as a bully in Netflix hit ‘All of us are dead’, a troublemaker in ‘The Good Bad Mother’ and a caring and empathetic lover in ‘Alchemy of souls’. In ‘The Uncanny Counter’ season 2 he was hired as an adolescent fresh recruit who belongs to the countryside. As he was young and was a part of the demon's army, he is still learning to use his evil powers by sniffing the evil spirits. His character brings lots of comedy and hilarious scenes in the show.