Who Is Tiki On 'The Masked Singer'?
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A new season of Masked Singer means a new slate of celebrities shrouded by elaborate masks and a Twitter feed full of guesses from viewers watching at home. And we're here to help you figure out the famous faces beneath these wilder-than-ever new masks.

The Season 10 contestants are reported to have a combined 40 Medals, 33 Grammy Nominations, 7 Hall of Fame Awards, 3 Lifetime Achievement Awards and over 50 tattoos.

The singers may attempt to throw off the crowd, but we'll be watching for tiny clues. Think we can figure out these stars before panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke?

It's always five 'clock with Tiki, as they're a giant wooden tiki cocktail brought to life. Their top is covered with garnishes, including a straw, umbrella, oranges, and flowers. With lei bracelets and grass skirts for legs, they're hoping to don't have to say aloha to the competition anytime soon.

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Who Is Tiki?

Here are what the judges have to say:

Who Is Tiki?
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Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg: She hopes Tiki says, Have mercy! with her guess of John Stamos.

Nicole Scherzinger: She goes for a more funnyman rocker angle in David Lee Roth.

Robin Thicke: He thinks it's another rocker in Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant.

More About The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer season 10 introduced four new mystery celebrity singers on A Celebration of Elton John Night, including Tiki, and there are many clues to his true identity. Host Nick Cannon and panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger have all returned for The Masked Singer's milestone season. 

It kicked off on premiere night with the reveal of Anonymouse as Demi Lovato, one of the biggest unmaskings in the show's history.’

The Masked Singer season 10 Group B consists of Hawk, Husky, Tiki, and Royal Hen. Hawk, Husky, and Tiki moved on to the next round, which is Harry Potter Night, while Royal Hen was unmasked and revealed to be legendary tennis player and activist Billie Jean King. Here are the clues to help figure out Tiki's identity.

Tiki's Performances

During The Masked Singer season 10 Elton John Night, Tiki sang a fantastic version of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, showcasing his vocal range with some impressive high notes. 

When he first came out on stage, Jenny said that he looked really tall, and pointed out that people have to know how to walk in heels like his. Tiki's clue package began with the title, Behind the Tiki, from the channel MS10, which was a nod to Behind the Music, the tell-all show about singers and bands from VH1. 

Tiki opened the clue package by screaming Alright! in a high-pitched rock star voice.

Tiki was then shown inside a recording studio saying, From as far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a rock star. As a kid, I knew I had the pipes. Tiki was then standing next to an alarm clock flashing the word, SNOOZE, in red letters while he said, So when my dream came true, it made perfect sense.

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Tiki was next seen walking in a room with a globe, two tikis, and four records hanging on the wall that said, Tiki #1. He continued, I got to sell millions of records, travel the world, and party with some of music's biggest names.

 At that point, a human skull was shown. Tiki then admitted, But I was a stiff drink with a loose mouth, and I got myself in a lot of trouble.

Tiki's friend, Pineapple, was then shown sitting in a dark room next to a piano. It was so dark that his face couldn't be seen. He shared, Yeah, he definitely rubbed some people the wrong way, so it was no surprise a few of them wanted to rum punch him in the face.

Tiki went on to say, After all the highs, I was left fearing my career would be poured down the drain. Tiki was then shown in a black and white scene laying on a couch in a trashed room. His portrait on the wall was crooked. Then, a monkey in a party hat appeared in the room.

Tiki's Identity Clues

Tiki's Identity Clues
(Tiki's Identity Clues/ Image Credits: Yahoo Finance)

The Masked Singer panelists had some very varied guesses for Tiki's identity. Jenny thought maybe he could be a comedian who knows how to sing. She mentioned that there are many comedic Broadway people who can sing beautifully. 

She wondered if maybe Tiki was an actor known for singing, a rocker who made everyone laugh, and someone who's been on Broadway, and guessed John Stamos. She also pointed out that John has toured with the Beach Boys, which is reflected in the Tiki costume.

However, Nicole felt that Tiki was a singer. She guessed David Lee Roth, the former lead singer of Van Halen. 

She referenced their videos with their tongue-in-cheek energy. Robin thought that the vocals were screaming rock god legend. He used the snoozed alarm clock to guess Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, whose solo album was titled, Dreamland.

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