A big Star born

Miley Cyrus Banging The Music Industry With A Heartthrob
(A big Star born/Image Credits:HDQwalls)

It was November 1992 when a baby girl was given a warm welcome to this world as it is a norm in every family but at that time no one had an idea that a star has been born. A star who has been destined to work wonders in the music industry. A star bringing so much respect, fame and finances to her family.

Multi-Talented personality

Though her birth was celebrated and her childhood was pretty normal, she had a condition of abnormal resting heart rate. This was medically taken care of but this restlessness was in her personality too. Earning so much admiration in the music fraternity she was always appreciated for her acting skills for imprinting successful marks in films as well as on television.

Family Support

Miley Cyrus Banging The Music Industry With A Heartthrob
(Family Support/Image Credits:Fox News)

Miley was the fortunate one who always had her parents watching her grow and supporting her whenever she had an abrupt tide to face. Her father was always easing his path for exploring the new acting avenues and her mother made sure that Miley's work line and finances were always well managed. They both were paving down the success path for their daughter’s bright and sparkling future. Miley was also ready to put in all the hard work. The combo of parent-kid chemistry worked wonders and Miley is a treat to watch and hear at the same time.

Success coming her way

Miley sang a series of songs which won the hearts of audiences. Most of them were hits and numerous were the all-time hits. This acceptance and appreciation encouraged her to record her songs in the form of videos. Her videos were welcomed with tremendous acknowledgement bringing her to the new horizons of the music industry.

Criticism was an ingredient too in Miley’s music career

Miley Cyrus Banging The Music Industry With A Heartthrob
(Criticism was an ingredient too in Miley’s music career/Image Credits:KTLA)

Though it was success and win heard and seen all around Miley but there were some obstacles of criticism in her path of winning hearts. She brought up multiple songs with an idea of highlighting the dark issues of the society to such a platform like music so they can be heard and handled with an appropriate way. This effort of hers brought real hard times for her in different stages of her career but she was motivated and stood high with her perspective. She dealt it with patience, motivation and consistency.

All-time favorites

Miley has presented herself in so many different forms of music and held her stature very high in all mediums of music. She has been treating the music industry with hits every now and then. Her songs have such a musical contrast with heart touching music that they become the favorite of numbers. The favorites are too many and whenever the poll for best song is conducted Miley’s songs are always there to compete and give a tough time to the competitors. Many times she has been topping the trends.

Flowers hitting the pole head on

Miley Cyrus Banging The Music Industry With A Heartthrob
(Flowers hitting the pole head on/Image Credits:Grazia)

The new songs of so many renowned and popular music stars have been launched in the market showing up the rising graphs of success and fame for those stars. Yet the polls conducted show a close competition between the legends a and their tremendous addition to the music industry but nevertheless her “Flowers” can be seen on the top of the poll supporting the statement that Miley undoubtedly is one her own types.