Breaking Bad: A New Idea

Breaking Bad: A new idea
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Vinci Gilligan is the guy who is behind this new idea inculcated into the show released on a small screen of American television. The idea was new and a bit weird for the audience. Bryan was taken on board to play a character residing in Mexico, earning his living through an underpaid yet overqualified job.

The life of a struggling teacher turned into a criminal figure after he was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer. The thought of leaving his family in a short while helpless to this cruel world with no finances backing up was the key factor. Along with his former student he was distributing methamphetamine to bring his family to a secure financial position before his departure to eternity.

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Journey: Well Taken

The first season of the show was appreciated within the masses as it was a story built up in any television show for the very first time. Not only was the story new for the small screen but the screen play was also more advanced and of course the performances were more likely to the ones seen by the viewers in the cinema. The combination of all these ingredients triggered the taste buds of the spectators. As more seasons followed the viewers found out a bit of unpopular ideas to be displayed to the masses on a daily basis. It might change the mindset of the generation in a negative way. It faced some criticism over a period of time.

The feedback was a big mix of different views unless the fifth and sixth season hit the screens. From there it started gaining fame among the television shows again breaking the records of all times. This success coming its way was a great influence to the makers, creators and producers of this medium. Multiple production houses started working on the same story lines to gain fame and finances as Breaking Bad has brought to its banner.

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Better Call Saul: Another Dilemma Narrated

Better Call Saul: Another Dilemma narrated
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The prequel Better Call Saul is a story of a lawyer from a small town paving his path to become a renowned and successful entity. This struggle started transforming him into a more flexible lawyer regarding his moral values in a struggle to gain more fame as a winner in his field. The whole show has a great mix of strong performances for the most complex characters showcasing the powerful integration of back story with the present one. The art of narration has been showcased to the next level in this series. 

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Narcos: Narrating The Drug Lords

Narcos: narrating the Drug Lords
(Narcos: narrating the Drug Lords/ Image

Another creation by the television team leaving an impact of cinematic feel on the small screen is Narcos. Though the story of this show was built very close to the one presented in Breaking Bad yet it manages to win the hearts of masses. The narrative skills, the art of character building and strategic display of moral dilemma all show cased in a wonderful piece of art. This holds the audience close to the screens to witness the rise and fall of multiple lords of the drug dealers in the dark world.

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Ozark: Well Played

Ozark: Well played
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As the medium of television was in a run to show yet a better series shot in terms of story line entangled with the world of crime to earn huge amounts of money and protect their loved ones by any means. The handling of multiple characters with numerous shades of moral values and then flowing down to the deep waters of the organized criminal world to fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals. The whole idea and massive efforts behind the show was more than enough to engage the audience with the screen.

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Peaky Blinders: All About Drama

Peaky Blinders: All about drama
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The launch of this drama filled show was right after World War I. Thomas Belly played the lead character and the way he has portrayed this most complex personality on the screen is worth watching. The gripping storyline though revolving around the world of crime still carries a lot of drama which definitely attracts the audience and a blend of capturing story telling technique along with artistically performed characters retains the viewership. It is undoubtedly another strong reflection of an influential show.

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