The Bachelor: The Most Controversial Contestants
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The Bachelor is one of the most widely known reality TV shows which has given us numerous memories over the years. Some of those memories were touching, whilst others were disputable and left the audience shaken. It has been airing on ABC since 2002 and the 26th season has just ended, giving fans thee wildest villains.Juan Pablo Galavis was the Bachelor in the show's 18th season, and his season was one of the most controversial of all time. He was seen as impolite and unconcerned towards the women on the show, and he received a lot of criticism from viewers for his behavior. The most controversial moment of the season came during the finale when Juan Pablo refused to say "I love you" to his final pick, Nikki Ferrell. Instead, he said, "I like you a lot." On which the audience was fumed for thee insensitive comment.

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Arie Luyendyk Jr. was the Bachelor in the show's 22nd season. Where he initially picked Becca Kufrin as his final choice, but he later had a change of heart and broke up with her on camera. He then decided to pursue a relationship with his runner-up, Lauren Burnham. This sparked controversy as the audience believed that it was very disrespectful that he broke up with her on camera and this was very insulting for her.Jed Wyatt was a contestant on the show's 15th season, and he made it all the way to the finale. However, during the finale, it was revealed that Jed had a girlfriend back home, and he had been seeing her up until the day he left to film the show. After knowing this, people believed that he had been very dishonest with the bachelorette, Hannah Brown. He showed concern and apologized whole heartedly but the audience didn’t seem to care as he had messed up. Later it was revealed that the producers of the show already knew that he’s not single but they didn’t confront him neither did they look up on this issue.

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The Bachelor: The Most Controversial Contestants
(The Bachelor Controversial Contestants/Image Credits:Good Morning America,Cosmopolitan)

Chad Johnson was a contestant on the show's 12th season who was seen as offensive and aggressive towards other contestants and was instantaneously kicked out of the show by the producers. However, thee drama did not end here as chad continued to be on the headlines for all the wrong reasons, he was seen threatening the other contestant on social media platforms and was criticized for such behavior.Peter Weber was the Bachelor in the show's 24th season, and his season was controversial from the start. Peter was involved in a love triangle with two of the contestants, Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett, and his indecision left viewers frustrated. The drama only continued during the finale, as Peter's relationship with Madison ended shortly after they left the show. Many people felt that Peter had been indecisive and had mishandled the situation, while others felt that he had been unfairly criticized.

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