The Forthcoming Release Date And Air Time Of The Dead Files 2023
(The Forthcoming Release Date And Air Time Of The Dead Files 2023 Image Credits: Rotten Tomatoes)

A new season of The Dead Files has been ordered, and it will premiere on September 7, 2023. Homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi keeps his paranormal investigations going strong, and Cindy Kaza, a new medium, will join him.

Convey interest to viewers

The long-running series' most popular character, Amy Allan, will be replaced by Cindy in the upcoming installment. The Travel Channel said the upcoming season won't be the same without Steve's original co-star, Amy Allan, who helped Steve solve a few cases in 200 episodes.

Medium Cindy is well-known and liked by show viewers interested in how this new dynamic will play out. The dead have more to say for the upcoming season, with more eerie encounters and shocking revelations. Reach for exciting news updates.

Helping others as a passion

Helping others as a passion
(Helping others as a passion Image Credits: YouTube)

Steve and Cindy's job is to help dozens of people and families figure out what's going on in the shadows around them, and they can feel everything. Psychic Medium Cindy Kaza, a new character, will join the 15-season-long NYPD Homicide Detective Steve DiSchiavi on The Dead Files.

Many homeowners will consider moving because the upcoming installment looks to be terrifying. Amy Allan, the original Medium of The Dead Files, left the show halfway through its 15th season, stating that she needed a personal break.

Connection to the family

This briefly stopped creation since she had a fundamental impact on all examinations. Following this, the creators of this series acknowledged her contribution and expressed gratitude for her long association with the family.

As previously stated, Medium Cindy Kaza took Allan's place for the remainder of the season. To bring peace to homeowners who have lived with the evil dead most of the time, Cindy Kaza and Steve DiSchiavi will now investigate the cases in silos, relying solely on their expertise.

The capacity to engage in communication

In a recent clip, Medium Cindy Kaza discusses The Dead Files' first case this season. She expresses concern for the family, which suffers from varying spirits. Detective DiSchiavi investigates the area and interviews potential witnesses, previous owners, historians, field leaders, and others who could assist him in his investigation.

On the other hand, Cindy Kaza possesses the clairvoyant ability to communicate with spirits and comprehend their motives. They meet to discuss their findings with the horrified families, hoping to provide plausible solutions. Depending on the viewer's time zone, The Dead Files will return to Travel Channel, MAX, and Discovery+ on September 7 or 8, 2023.