The Last of Us Season 2 Is Certainly fooling To You

(The Last of Us Season 2 Is Certainly fooling To You :creadits/ Variety)


So far season 2 of  The Last of Us might be misleading to their audience in the next episodes regarding who will clear it by the catastrophe, who is more probably to pass on.

Unforeseen  turns in the upcoming episodes

The Last of us provokes their audience that no one is certainly secure in the world of tragedies and the dearest cast on season 2 will have many unforeseen turns in the next episodes 

You will see in the next season that Ellie is looking for payback for murdering Joel and is prohibited because of a compelling conspiracy of her.

In the first season, the characters thrive to the last now in the second season we will see surprising turns of those who made it at that time but certainly, this is not true.

The Last of Us builds on a seriously applaudable game, it concentrates on 2 characters that these two only going to outlive in the infected world caused by bloodsucking fungi that are killing humans.

The last of us are certainly fooled by what they have shown in the next episodes.

Joel and Ellie in the refuge 

Joel and Ellie both had made it to the end of the first season and refuge in Wyoming after coming back from the deadly world. There is more in the show to surprise the viewers.

There is more coming your way in the next season of The Last of us. There will be unforeseen twists of possible rivals and deaths that would increase the interest of the audience while watching the show. But this is not the end of it.

Deadly world 

Certainly, there is not one secure in this deadly world the production is provoking the protection of the cast. 

Many pure souls could die. The first season of The Last of us showed us. Two brothers died in the first calamity episode along with Sarah.

The audience was amazed 

The audience was amazed 

(The Last of Us Season 2 Is Certainly fooling To You :creadits/ Den of Geek)

This trembling show amazed the audience and increased their interest in reality.

And that is the best thing for any horror season to prove.

It Is not true that all the characters will die in the next season, certainly for the purpose of conspiracy in the season some characters will surely survive.

We saw in season 1  that bad groups and infection spread in the world and produced thrill in the episodes and the characters are surviving in the game. 

The cast was in extreme action in the last season and we are sure that season is going to be the same and there will be more twists and turns.