Have A look At The Exorcist: Believer's Horrific Demon!
(Have A look At The Exorcist: Believer's Horrific Demon!/ Image Credits: TV Insider)

While viewers of The Exorcist: Believer might have assumed that the demon that possessed both Olivia O'Neill's Katherine and Lidya Jewett's Angela was none other than Pazuzu, makeup effects artists Chris Nelson and Vincent Van Dyke have confirmed that the main demon in the new movie is a completely different creature called Lamashtu.

Nelson has disclosed that although Lamashtu's full prosthesis was made for Exorcist: Believer, the creature's design is only partially seen in the movie's ending. Van Dyke recently posted photographs of the winged, three-eyed devil on Instagram.

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Full Realisation Of Lamashtu!

Full Realisation Of Lamashtu!
(Full Realisation Of Lamashtu!/ Image Credits: Bloody Disgusting!)

Nelson revealed to Polygon the amount of effort that went into creating the creature design that is largely hidden. He said to the source, 'You see [Lamashtu] very abstractly in the final exorcism.' 'However, we completed a head-to-toe prosthetic garment, complete with a harness, wings, horns, and a full manifestation of Lamashtu something I'm quite proud of and extremely challenging. Including a 12-hour shoot day, the makeup took five and a half hours to apply and almost an hour and a half to remove. 

Full-body photos of Lamashtu's creation that Van Dyke posted on social media are terrifying. Lamashtu is a wretched creature with horns, huge, bird-like wings, a third eye, and a face resembling a witch.

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What Do You Know About Lamashtu?

According to mythology, Lamashtu is a female spirit who preys on expectant mothers to consume the kids she gives birth to. Since the demon is also mentioned as Pazuzu's adversary, it's plausible that the previously approved Exorcist: Believer sequel would feature a battle between Lamashtu and the demon that formerly held Regan MacNeil.

Exorcist: Believer has made more than $109 million at the box office worldwide so far.

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