Tracee Ellis Ross: Her Impact on Black Women in Entertainment
(Tracee Ellis Ross: Her Impact on Black Women in Entertainment/Image Credits:Essence)

Trace Ellis is a famous actress and has spent her career in the shows as a comedian and host. She’s herself a strong woman with the persona to stay active and follow the latest trends that are being followed in the industry. The most exciting news for her fans is that she’s expected to host the American Music Awards simultaneously because of her confident personality. The audience is quite familiar to her as to how she pulls off an award show as it’s not a new thing for her to host an award show as she’s been doing it previously. The 47-year-old actress is quite familiar with how to engage the audience through the spark of comedy. Like many other hosts who have confident personalities because of their fair complexion, good looks, and psyche, Ross believes that all of the girls from the black community have something in them to attract the audience as she says that black women bring all the goodness with them. Black girls know how to flaunt their styles, their heart of gold, and that flair is everything. 

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Ross, in an interview, claimed that it’s exciting to host a party or to host an award show but both demand a different you, a different energy, and a different persona. Also, most people would applaud if there’s Cardi B on the stage hosting or if it’s Taylor Swift singing but, black women and their personality is less celebrated which makes no difference in her life. She says that she believes one should know how to build up that connection with the audience either through talks or comedy and humour. Ross believes that black women are full of talent and confidence and they should be brought up, should be given chances, and should be supported in what they do. That’s the best way to promote their talent. Ross pays her full tribute and help in the favour of black women and she believes they are a lot more capable of performing what they don’t show. 

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Tracee Ellis Ross: Her Impact on Black Women in Entertainment
(Tracee Ellis Ross: Her Impact on Black Women in Entertainment/Image Credits:Distractify)

As per the experience she shared on television, she claimed that once she did the show Girlfriends, it was a hit but later on she had to struggle a lot to find relevant work or to stay in the industry. Ross believes that black women are provided with less support and love so she has decided to dedicate her success to these black women and asked all of the girls from the similar community that it’s the best thing to accept who you are and what you have to achieve in life. She believes since the start that it doesn’t matter if she’s black. This is her strength that makes her perspective about black women. She’s about to open up her haircare line and she’s already mentioned that she’s going to dedicate the success of her haircare line to the girls of her black community.